Aug 09 2015

So on Name Jet Daniel Negari is auctioning off his last name .com. Apparently he doesn’t need it anymore because he is not a .com guy anymore or some such thing. Does this mean he is selling every .com he owns or is this just for the publicity? I can’t imaging that he would sell out of .com entirely without getting the prices he wants or at least making his money back. He is a business man and a really good one at that by all accounts. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I am curious to know what it goes for and what his name will be used for after it is purchased.


WhoOwns.com Solid WhoIs site name. No bidders 14 years old

WhoOwns.com: $365. I like this as WhoIS site. Other than that I have no idea.

DMPA.com 20 years old. Love this one. My favorite LLLL.com. Not going to end the highest but you will sell this to an enduser, guaranteed*. *All guarantees are not valid in the US or any countries that speak a language

DMPA.com: $995. Something Something in Pennsylvania. There any trendy tech companies or start ups there?

SC8.com Ending today and doing fairly well. You know I love these types of names.

SC8.com: $2,777. Well I like it too. It’s hott.

SkinnyBitch.net Can’t believe this could hit $1000. The old site back links are driving it……..I think

SkinnyBitch.net: $1,632. What was this an adult site? Can’t think of another use.

IronBoy.com He”ll grow up to be IronMan

IronBoy.com: $390. Sounds like a tough kid.

420Tees.com I only put this up because I had a friend that sold a bunch of 420 clothing names and got some good prices

420Tees.com: $50. Lots of clothing companies. This would be a nice name for a part of their site.

25K.net I know its a dot net but it only has one bid at $12 and I feel its worth quite a bit more than that

25K.net: $215. Cool name. You won’t get 25k for it but there is money to be made.


VIRY.com Solid CVC Kinda V.com

VIRY.com: Auction ended unsold $1,050. Nice name here, Not sure what they had in mind for the reserve but The recent sales they seller has go from 40k to 150k.

ThreeSome.net I get the value of the act but not how the price is this high. I guess it is 18 years old and a dream for most guys

ThreeSome.net: $1,008. Yet it didnt meet reserve.

WPD.net A high value LLL.net I do think that LLL.nets will go up in value even further. But it will still always be a dot net and harder to build a brand on so I don’t think they skyrocket. But you don’t have to make 10 times your money to do well.

WPD.net: Auction ended unsold $1,150. I wouldn’t have sold it at this price either.

WeeklyPicks.com Great football gambling site name. Maybe horses. Or even a creepy Tinder Pick sheet

WeeklyPicks.com: I like this name. Could be used for a few different thing.

HealthyFoodTeam.com The numbers for the website for sale just seem to big to be true. Too young to have this kind of traffic and revenue IMO. I could be wrong and it could be legit but I am skeptical. You get the same feeling?

HealthyFoodTeam.com: This kinda thing is tough. New seller coupled with HUGE financials and no age.


Not sure what is going on with the Name Jet results, There were none recorded and I didn’t have bids on any of them for this day.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

60333.com This is REAL high but I know for a fact that similar names have sold privately for over $10K

60333.com: Great numbers.

Perdido.com “Lost” in Spanish. Also 20 years old. Its doing well because there are quite a few places and things with the name

Perdido.com: Love to say it. Although I am probably saying it wrong.

8888588.com Ditto. I guess you can’t have enough 8s. Can I go back in time?

8888588.com: Am I counting the amount of numbers correctly here?

615888.com The triple 8 is as good as it gets. Again, these have hit 5 figures privately

615888.com: Agreed. Damn good 6L.

77296.com And they all keep rising up

77296.com: Ooo look we are back to 5L’s.

388847.com Where the 8s are at makes a big difference.

388847.com: Would do better I think if the 8’s were at the beginning or the end.


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