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So on Name Jet Daniel Negari is auctioning off his last name .com. Apparently he doesn’t need it anymore because he is not a .com guy anymore or some such thing. Does this mean he is selling every .com he owns or is this just for the publicity? I can’t imaging that he would sell out of .com entirely without getting the prices he wants or at least making his money back. He is a business man and a really good one at that by all accounts. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I am curious to know what it goes for and what his name will be used for after it is purchased.

GoDaddy Solid WhoIs site name. No bidders 14 years old $365. I like this as WhoIS site. Other than that I have no idea. 20 years old. Love this one. My favorite Not going to end the highest but you will sell this to an enduser, guaranteed*. *All guarantees are not valid in the US or any countries that speak a language $995. Something Something in Pennsylvania. There any trendy tech companies or start ups there? Ending today and doing fairly well. You know I love these types of names. $2,777. Well I like it too. It’s hott. Can’t believe this could hit $1000. The old site back links are driving it……..I think $1,632. What was this an adult site? Can’t think of another use. He”ll grow up to be IronMan $390. Sounds like a tough kid. I only put this up because I had a friend that sold a bunch of 420 clothing names and got some good prices $50. Lots of clothing companies. This would be a nice name for a part of their site. I know its a dot net but it only has one bid at $12 and I feel its worth quite a bit more than that $215. Cool name. You won’t get 25k for it but there is money to be made.

Flippa- Solid CVC Kinda Auction ended unsold $1,050. Nice name here, Not sure what they had in mind for the reserve but The recent sales they seller has go from 40k to 150k. I get the value of the act but not how the price is this high. I guess it is 18 years old and a dream for most guys $1,008. Yet it didnt meet reserve. A high value I do think that LLL.nets will go up in value even further. But it will still always be a dot net and harder to build a brand on so I don’t think they skyrocket. But you don’t have to make 10 times your money to do well. Auction ended unsold $1,150. I wouldn’t have sold it at this price either. Great football gambling site name. Maybe horses. Or even a creepy Tinder Pick sheet I like this name. Could be used for a few different thing. The numbers for the website for sale just seem to big to be true. Too young to have this kind of traffic and revenue IMO. I could be wrong and it could be legit but I am skeptical. You get the same feeling? This kinda thing is tough. New seller coupled with HUGE financials and no age.


Not sure what is going on with the Name Jet results, There were none recorded and I didn’t have bids on any of them for this day.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. This is REAL high but I know for a fact that similar names have sold privately for over $10K Great numbers. “Lost” in Spanish. Also 20 years old. Its doing well because there are quite a few places and things with the name Love to say it. Although I am probably saying it wrong. Ditto. I guess you can’t have enough 8s. Can I go back in time? Am I counting the amount of numbers correctly here? The triple 8 is as good as it gets. Again, these have hit 5 figures privately Agreed. Damn good 6L. And they all keep rising up Ooo look we are back to 5L’s. Where the 8s are at makes a big difference. Would do better I think if the 8’s were at the beginning or the end.


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