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Domain sales in the second quarter of this year were much more robust than the acquisitions I discussed last week. It’s an imbalance that occurred in my Q1 sales and purchases as well, but I’d like to get closer to evening things out by the end of the year.

Here are some of my Q2 sales: – Private transaction. Similar to my statements about my sales of and in Q1, I could get more for the domain today, but I don’t have any seller’s remorse. This domain was acquired in mid-2013, back when wholesale prices were in the $3-4,000 range. – I’ll spare you the details, but I mistakenly bought it last year. I then sold it at a loss, just to be rid of my accidental purchase, but the buyer flaked out. The second time around, I sold it via NameJet for a few hundred dollar profit. Better to be lucky than good.

Handful of – Such as for $1,500, for $1,311 and for $550, all via NameJet. I picked up a portfolio of in Q1 2015 and planned to flip them. I still have three or four good ones left over, and it’s gravy at this point when compared to my original acquisition price.

Handful of – Mostly sold via NameJet, such as for $410, for $360, and for $230. Similar to the above, I picked up a portfolio of 80 or so in Q1 2015 and planned to flip them. I have about 10 left from the portfolio acquisition that I will hold onto for awhile.

Couple – Including and, for around $1,000 each. After these sales, I no longer have any liquid .net domains…now it’s down to a couple keyword .net domains that I put minisites on 4-5 years ago; those continue to pay for their annual renewals via Adsense earnings.

About a dozen – Such as for $4,520, (NNL) for $2,510, for $454, and for $415. Most were sold via NameJet, but I also sold through Domain Name Sales to a company that is using it as a shortener for their new “Three And More” project (screenshot below). Acquisition dates ranged from three months to three years ago.

You’re welcome to share any of your recent sales, or offer constructive criticism on any of mine above.

three and more

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “Some Q2 2015 Domain Sales”

  1. I remember Adam Dicker mentioning selling a portfolio of 80’s on DomainSherpa a few months back. That was you?

    1. Tony, I picked up the LLLL portfolio on Flippa, so someone else was the buyer of Adam Dicker’s. I think (?) the portfolio he sold was a little bigger than 80 domains.

  2. Hello Shane,

    You seem to sell lots of names on Namejet. I have a solid career domain which I hope to put up on Namejet in the coming day.

    Are there any listing fees involve to list a name on namejet? How would I receive the money after auction ends? How long does auction last at namejet?

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