Aug 17 2015

I am the one in my house that usually cooks dinner, but my wife usually does all of the shopping. Tonight I needed a few things for dinner so I went to the store to get the the things we needed and a few other things. I should not go to the store. I swear I spend double than my wife would spend on the same things. Not sure how she does it or how I do it. I mean honestly I didn’t think I got that much. Good thing I don’t do the shopping more often or I would need to really start selling domains fast instead of waiting for the pricing I want.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.


VisualLabs.com I thought I would steal this one but a few people also see its value. 18 years old

VisualLabs.com: $2,301. I would like to know how many you actually get that others don’t see.

JLSS.com 17 years old and binational LLLL.com so doing pretty well

JLSS.com: $681. I like the double S.

TZFD.com Over under $585

TZFD.com: $1,008. Tanzania Fire Department.

KDYG.com There is certainly price range being established here over the last few months on these non vowel, non V LLLL.coms. Going into the last day they are all in the high $300s and then kind of break from there the last day depending on perceived letter quality.

KDYG.com: $435. Kansas District Youth Gathering

LSix.com My favorite on the board because its short and memorable.

LSix.com: $610. Not sure why but I love this one too. Sounds bad ass.

GZJN.com If you thought, “Now THIS is the expensive one on the list” You are right. Top price on the board. For obvious reasons. I’m just not sure what they are yet

GZJN.com: $1,525. Haha That was not my first thought.

YFSW.com Young Free Safe Women

YFSW.com: $400. What he said.

QIBE.com It’s pronounced Qweeeebeeee. Actually I have no idea how its pronounced, just making fun of the people that try and tell everyone how to pronounce these things

QIBE.com: $1,281. I would say it as Kibeee.

Procrastinating.com Insert procrastination joke here

Procrastinating.com: $8,877. I like this one quite a bit as I said before.

SocialRankings.com I’m somewhere in the middle

SocialRankings.com: $888. Someone will like this name. I’m just not sure I’m one of them. But then again I don’t need to like it to sell it.


31865.com Great looking 5N.com and these are starting to hit the $800 plus range with no 4s and ending on a 5 or 8′

31865.com: $510. Solid buy imo. I like the 865 at the end. Though it could mean absolutely nothing.


LittleFish.com 18 years old. Big fish, little fish. They all fetch good prices

LittleFish.com: $3,969. Awesome name. Little fish takes on the big lake.

Quinoa.org We eat it several times a week. A superfood. Not super tasty though. I love the texture but always mix it with beans

Quinoa.org: $3,300. What kind of beans? I want to try this.

XSZZ.com We can all use some extra sleep

XSZZ.com: $600. I hear that.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

BYTL.com 11 years old and a multi-national LLLL.com as well

BYTL.com: There is a # and everything for this meaning “Back Yard Time Lapse”. Not sure what it is.

16511.com The non 4, repeating number 5N.com has become worth four figures and even mid four figures if its 8.

16511.com: They still seem to be climbing.

10162.com Just under $300 at press time

10162.com: Under 300 is a good buy imo

12-1.com I actually thought this may have had a bid or two. None

12-1.com: This is actually the score between Shane and I on Ping Pong. I’m winning.

MudWhistle.com Just another fine term for your piehole. From Shallow Hal. No bidders

MudWhistle.com: Wow. Loooooong time since I have that movie and only once. I’m not feeling the domain though.

QOTU.com Pronounced. Just kidding. Decent CVCV

QOTU.com: Q is not as bad as it once was.

888638.com Under $100

888638.com: It’s a 6n but the numerics just keep going up

BetterThanCrack.com Memorable but not sure it will play well on Madison Avenue. No bidders

BetterThanCrack.com: That’s what she said.

OHH.com Last chance to get this beaut

OHH.com: Oxford Health Hospital.

WalkDaily.com After my little rant you know I like this one

WalkDaily.com: I like ice cream Daily better. Just kidding Shane!


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

OHH.com $164,000

Procrastinating.com $45,000

Quinoa.org $14,000

JLSS.com $4,500

LSIX.com $3,200

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