Aug 25 2015

One of my favorite things about domaining is the diversity. Not only the people in it but I feel like I lean about a new niche in domains every few weeks or so. It is fun to learn about the different segments. On that note I know that a lot of people get really excited about trends and the popular names to buy and sell but I typically stay with what I know and what I am good at selling. If I chased every trend out there I wouldn’t get good at anything. Works for some people though. One of these days I will hit the domain lotto with a random name, in the mean time I will keep doing what I’m doing.


SwampDonkey.com I had a site that used to rank first for this term. I won’t go into details. 18 years old

SwampDonkey.com: $510. What a brand.

Lorelei.com I know two girls with this name. Doesn’t make it a popular name but officially makes it a name. 18 years old

Lorelei.com: $2,978. The name is 18 or the girls?

ODDJ.com I’m sure Odd Jobs comes to most people’s minds. Or maybe its just me

ODDJ.com: $250. I can see that. But I just read that so I am not sure I could think of anything else.

39562.com At $600 and climbing

39562.com: $650. The expiring stuff never ceases to amaze me.

39563.com Another day of expiring 5N.com is numeric order and going for over $500. Somebody let some money get away

39563.com: $641. I like the 3 on each end.

39576.com And another $600 5N. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow for a day?

39576.com: $650. I want it for 2 days after him.

36117.com I’m just going to keep listing any 5N.com that I think are worth buying.

36117.com: $670. I am just going to keep putting random thoughts down like I have something different to say about the numerics.

CaseKing.com The 400 visits per month don’t hurt

CaseKing.com: $3,116. Lawyer name?

Berry.co This is a dot co that I think is worth owning. Nice keyword

Berry.co: $416. Mmmm I like berries.

North.co This one isn’t too bad either

North.co: $1,190. I like this one the best in the list of .co’s

Seven.co OK, now that I’m scanning the complete list, there are quite a few here today that are worth taking a look at if you think dot co has legs in the future

Seven.co: $900. This one is pretty cool.

Pepper.co Pepper could be a good brand. Just have to deal with the leak in traffic

Pepper.co: $531. What about salt? I never use salt. but it is all about appearances.

Tomato.co I’m actually bidding on this one

Tomato.co: $371. Good in pasta or salads.

Potato.co Might as well buy the whole damn vegetable isle

Potato.co: $189. My family were Huge potato farmers in the 80’s.

Sunday.co I like Sunday, it’s one of my top 7 days of the week

Sunday.co: $454. Could be religious.

Monday.co Nobody seems to want this one

Monday.co: $206. What movie?
Peter: Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday and you’re not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you, “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?”
Lawrence: No. No, man. Shit, no, man. I believe you’d get your ass kicked sayin’ something like that, man.

LLL.co My favorite of the whole dot co group

LLL.co: $1,555. It ain’t bad.

VVV.co Save $100K by taking away the M

VVV.co: $1,325. I like saving 100k.

PGXL.com XL price

PGXL.com: $395. Pro Golf XL.

39307.com Going for 6 times most of the dot co if that tells you anything

39307.com: $331. That this is a better buy? Am I right?

Naples.co I think it breaks $200 but not even close yet

Naples.co: $678. Pretty cool name but I wouldn’t buy it.

Aftermarket.co And the ironic final dot co on the list. Hasn’t even reached $20

Aftermarket.co: $1,035. This works for our industry but unless you are focusing on selling .co names here you would have bought a .com for it.


House.Rentals Nice to see a new G hitting four figures…..or close to it

House.Rentals: Auction ended unsold $1,750. I just don’t see this going for more on Flippa. Might be much higher to an end user.

Fish.io If you like .io you have to love this one . The $50K buy it now tells me it will take a good bid to pry it from the seller’s hands

Fish.io: Auction ended unsold $300. Ouch. 50k BIN and hit $300.

Delusion.com I love it as a brand. Now lets see what we have to do to buy it

Delusion.com: Auction ended unsold $2,501. I like this one.


CBM.net Great letters in a rising category

CBM.net: $1,410 This is the time to buy these.

ExpressPizza.com A lot of places named Express Pizza. Upgrade name

ExpressPizza.com: $1,001. This name is American. We love pizza and we love express!

LeatherJacket.com In 2000 this would have killed it. Now it just kinda kills it

LeatherJacket.com: $6,876. Haha Nice! Decently killing it name.

Cloud.xyz We’ll what one of the top keywords and .xyz bring

Cloud.xyz: $6,600. I guess we will.

Pink.xyz Love it but the Victoria Secret brand is strong in teen minds

Pink.xyz: $611. Just in teen minds?

AWBD.com English acronym. Not very many bidders

AWBD.com: $510. Aaron Was Buying Domains. Yes he was.

CommunityGarden.com Love this one. A little long but every town has one. Hope it goes cheap for my sakes

CommunityGarden.com: $1,008. Great name. Becoming very popular.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

PrairieWinds.org 17 years old. Another upgrade domain. We have a retirement center with this name down the road. And of course, whatever I have here in Urbana represents perfectly everywhere else in the world

PrairieWinds.org: I like this one, not sure I would want it in the .org.

PeopleFuXXXing.com Pretty much what you’re going to see if you visit. You said you like generics, this is generic. For some reason, no bidders

PeopleFuXXXing.com: It says what it is. I like that. Don’t like the domain though.

Receding.com All about hair, or lack of.

Receding.com: Could be shoreline.

KRQR.com The letters the Chinese are looking for

KRQR.com: So these are the letters all of us are looking for too


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

LeatherJacket.com $240,000

Delusion.com $64,000

CommunityGarden.com $24,000

Receding.com $24,000

CaseKing.com $23,000

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