Aug 29 2015

Tonight is going to be a late one. I am up doing the post while my wife is walking around trying to get the crying 5 week old baby to sleep. She has been really good so far but sometimes she just cannot get comfortable. Same thing last night. There have been quite a few changes to scheduleds and routines. Needless to say it has taken some adjusting. Change is good so they say, I’m sure they are right whoever they are.


YogaWellness.com 19 years old. Nothing says wellness like Yoga. Get 11 free visits, a DMOZ listing and a PR3 with the purchase.

YogaWellness.com: $816 Yoga and wellness are both hugely popular terms.

Witchcrafts.com The singular would be a big price but the plural is still good for product sales. Give them a place to buy their eye of Newt

Witchcrafts.com: $510 I believe Dicker owns the singular.

TheFlashlight.com No bids. Not worth a ton but 13 years old and for $12 (even $25) I think you’ll do fine. Maybe you’ll even get some fleshlight traffic

TheFlashlight.com: $260 This is my super hero name.

HGWD.com Internationally strong letters

HGWD.com: 1,000. How Great was Despicable me? Yes I know there is no m. deal with it.

Wisepoint.com Great sounding brand. And yet only one bidder

Wisepoint.com: $887 Substitute point with ass and you have what my dad fondly calls me.

DKCH.com One of the best mens clubs in the world. Actually I just Googled it, I really have no idea. But it sounds expensive

DKCH.com: $485 and it pronounceable,.

DomainGarage.com You can park you domains here

DomainGarage.com: $371. Awesome parking site name. Ha.

MyBitcoinWallet.com We still doing bitcoin? This would have sold for MUCH more a year or two ago

MyBitcoinWallet.com: $214. Yes sir, you are correct.

OriginalIdeas.com Something that is very rare

OriginalIdeas.com: $1,313. I have them all the time. For instance I am going to start writing a daily post with my picks on the daily auctions. I’aa call it DomainAaron.com.

BitcoinID.com Sorry I missed it. Did you say we ARE doing bitcoin again? Because this is doing fairly well

BitcoinID.com: $405. I knew I should have been paying attention.


Sewing.com Big Boy Name. Or should I say big Girl name. I respect anybody, male or female that can sew. My wife is the handiest woman I know but can’t sew a lick. Rewire the washer, she’s done it, sew a button? Might as well ask her to perform a kidney transplant

Sewing.com: Auction ended unsold $80,000. Well duh, if she does kidney surgery how would she sew them up afterwads?

MAJ.com A nice LLL.com but of course seller picks highest LLL.com past sales for comps

MAJ.com: Auction ended unsold $27,000. Love this 3 letter.

Grunge.com Ali has it back up for auction. Nice name and would make a great brand

Grunge.com: Auction ended unsold $10,000.

Vido.com Gets a lot of traffic and a high reserve. But deserving

Vido.com: Auction ended unsold $10,500. Nice CVCV here.

GameGo.com “The best gaming domain to come around in the last 15 years” says the seller. Very nice name but not the best gaming name to come around in the last 15 days

GameGo.com: Auction ended unsold $3,250. I am not even really a fan of this one. Suprised it got the 3k.

ODCN.com Great letters and the CN at the end doesn’t hurt

ODCN.com: Auction ended unsold $450 Even with the O at the front it is a solid name.


BeerSigns.com Judging by the dorm rooms here on campus these are still a thing. 20 bidders

BeerSigns.com: $1545 Cool name.

K93.com I love these types of CCC.com The key is having others that like it more

K93.com: $2,950. Satarts with a K9.

LLPC.com A four figure name IMO

LLPC.com: 639. Limited Liability Partnership C

Cloud.xyz One of the most valuable keywords so it will go a long way to establishing a resale market value for .xyz

Cloud.xyz: $6,600. Meh.

PetGate.com I owned a few of these. Kept the baby and the cat off the stairs

PetGate.com:$1200 Great product name.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

525777.com I’ve said it three days in a row. I don’t do 6N.com unless they have triple repeating at the end. There a group today that fit that requirement and all the bids say that others agree with me

508777.com My least favorite of the group (I still like it) but the first three numbers are the least memorable for me

872777.com The eight at the beginning adds a little value to it.

376777.com Probably the least valuable of the 777 group. Just my opinion but the final will let us know

370777.com Four 7s usually will win you a poker hand. And will get you $400 plus in a domain

777896.com See the difference in price when you put the 777 at the beginning?

No results. sorry


GVIZ.com This is what I say outloud G-Viz if I want someone to practice their Indian accents. I use the spelling out of SOCKS if I want them to sound Spanish

GVIZ.com: I am lost. No idea what you were saying on this one.

Furniture.info Dot infos have fallen a little stagnant lately but this is a very good keyword for a dot info. At press time, half of the four figures that I expect it to get to.

Furniture.info: I like .info domains for certain things.

3171.cc One to watch. But you know I believe 4N.cc are going up in value in the near future

3171.cc: Sounds like a street address.

RankDaily.com I certainly smell rank……daily

RankDaily.com: Clever.

NewThought.com 18 years old. No bidders. I think it makes a nice modern brand

NewThought.com: Modern for sure. I like it.

BikeThere.com Solid marketing name for anyone that wants to promote cycling. No bidders so it won’t cost too much

BikeThere.com: Bike tours.

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