Aug 31 2015

I had Ribs tonight and they were good. They cooked a little too long in the oven before they were grilled off so they were messy because the meat was falling off the bone. It was still a great end to the weekend. Now back to work!


WebTime.com 20 years old. Name hasn’t lost any meaning or value in the 20 years since it was first registered. Billions of people have some web time every day

WebTime.com: $2,225 Still a good name. Good thing it didn’t say chat room time!

Weedville.com If you love weed, you gotta love weedville. Under 4 figures is a great buy IMO

Weedville.com: $6100. Someone really wanted this. might have been Drew. Although I am not sure he needs more weed names.

NotImpressed.com Probably forever associated with McKayla Maroney. But no bidders and at $12 so worth the buy as a brand or a marketing name IMO

NotImpressed.com: $293. I bet if someone builds a site out on this it will have a list of GTLD’s they don’t like. JUST KIDDING, you GTLD fans get so rowdy.

WTFY.com A southern saying “What the F Y’all” And I made that up. Still doing nicely

WTFY.com: $531. This stands for “What The F*ck Yo” Tomato Tomato, you know what I’m saying?

ZYHY.com Climbing towards $500 bucks. 10 years old

ZYHY.com: $850. A fake CVCV, I like the look of it though.

GrowSocial.com Biggest price on the board today at press time. Social names are certainly hot right now

GrowSocial.com: $3,800 If you want to grow socially then follow me on twitter. Everyone is doing it.

CGYB.com C for Chinese

CGYB.com: $535 Nope. This is a farming name. Can Grow Your Broccoli

ConqueringStress.com Billions of people around the world have it. Some backlinks but waiting for a build out

ConqueringStress.com: $405. It’s called Money.

ZMB.cc Watch the LLL.cc. At $200 and climbing at press time

ZMB.cc: $395. This one kinda rolls off the tongue all nice. I like.

EnergyDrinkReviews.com This would be an awesome build out. Might be able to build it out in a week since you won’t be able to sleep while making it.

EnergyDrinkReviews.com: $310. They don’t effect me. I could have 5 and a pot of coffee and go to sleep in 5 minutes. What is to review? Monster Rehab Orange is the best.

Dubai.info Surprised this isn’t drawing any attention. Dubai is still one of the wealthiest places in the world

Dubai.info: $7100. I like place .info names. Just makes sense. But look at this price!


JVD.com V holds it back a little but still a very nice LLL.com . Nowhere near the class of the comps he used though

JVD.com: Auction ended unsold $16,000. Yeah, no where near the comparable they had on there.

XXDR.com Easy to remember but a real doctor may not use it because its one X short of boobies

XXDR.com Auction has ended Reserve not met $420 USD. The seller calls it a one word. What word???

Chair.io I think the reserve on this one is low enough to make a possible flip. Chair would be a good brand for a lot of different startups

Chair.io: Auction ended unsold $50. No love for this .io

Foxo.com Someone please buy this. I’m very tired of seeing this CVCV.com It’s not a bad name but it never sells and has been eternally for sale almost as long as I’ve been in this business

Foxo.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. LMAO, The starting price is 100k. Are they serious?

WPPQ.com Bad Scrabble letters so it has great value in today’s market. Getting a few good bids

WPPQ.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Not good enough!


GraphicEdge.com 19 years old. Great brand name and 20 bidders think the same

GraphicEdge.com: $1511 Love this one too.

SXS.org South by South . 18 years old

SXS.org: $905 Solid 3L .org.

LX.org A rare chance to buy a LL.org

LX.org: $8500 Lots of uses.

KBBB.com A rare chance to own a K followed by a bunch of Bs

KBBB.com: $3100 There is literally only one of these out there!!!

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

SmartFit.com So many uses for this one. Reserve is under $500

SmartFit.com: Fantastic name. I really like this and the uses are out the window. Everyone wants to be fit and everyone wants to be smart. One you can change yourself.

Persecution.org Not sure its worth much money but huge social value

Persecution.org: Not sure I like this word and .org together.

WhiteDeer.com Color + Animal= good brand

WhiteDeer.com: Use to be an albino deer up near my grandparents house in Oregon.

2050.cc I think non 4 NNNN.cc are worth buying and holding. My opinion only

2050.cc: Solid .cc.

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      Aaron Johnson

      It happens a lot like that. Sometimes stuff is so subjective that you never know what it is really worth. If this name went up a month ago on NameJet would it have sold for that much? Who knows. Thanks for the comment Keith, You always leave good ones.

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