Sep 13 2015

A friend dropped this quote by me desk the other day from Parks and Rec. Enjoy.

“Luck is a concept invented by the weak to explain their failures.”


Brent.net 18 years old. Worth a few hundred dollars just as an email IMO

Brent.net: $645. I have an uncle names Brent.

MedicalClaims.net No bidders. 18 years old. $45 CPC Not a bad CPC for $12

MedicalClaims.net: $1,001. Yeah this is a big business.

BirthdaySupplies.com Getting some nice supplies. Nice thing is everyone I’ve ever met has a birthday every year

BirthdaySupplies.com: $3,650. This may be bigger. We had a pony party for my 4 year old this year.

AffiliatePay.com Would make a nice affiliate program name. 16 years old and a few bidders

AffiliatePay.com: $2,002. I like the name but it only has one use.

Holiday.org Different meaning for different countries. Vacation or day off. Bids are in the mid five figures

Holiday.org: $10,250. Over the pond that is what they call it. Other place too I would guess.

GCO.net Nice Letters. O for Organization. Under $1K is a going to be a good price on these down the road IMO

GCO.net: $1230. O for Optimization.

FreshCart.com Getting a few more bids than I thought. Although everyone loves fresh

FreshCart.com: $1,475. Yup, Fresh veggies.

BreakFresh.com Told you

BreakFresh.com: $185. Well played.

76017.com Two sequential 5N.com up for sale. 11 years old. Zip for Arlington TX

76017.com: $382. They are like Fraternal twins.

76018.com Here’s the other one. Also the zip for Arlington Texas

76018.com: $530. This one is older by a minute.

75071.com Also the zip code for McKinney TX

75071.com: $360. Ahh The stories I could tell about Mckinney Texas.

RoomsForYou.com No bidders. $12 10 years old.

RoomsForYou.com: $305. Not a terrible name for a hotel site.

Sunnys.com Hundreds of places named Sunny’s

Sunnys.com: $1,590. Great name, sounds happy.

AllAlone.com I feel bad for the visitors to the site. But I’m still willing to try and monetize them

AllAlone.com: $426. At one point in my life this would have sounded depressing. Now it sounds glorious. Just a few hours a week would be amazing. I don’t get that So I zone out and listen to music to and from work.


JFL.com Comes with the dot net and the dot org

JFL.com: Auction ended unsold $35,100. Nice 3 domain deal. Got a good price but not good enough for all 3.

KG5.com Liquid name. Has hit four figures

KG5.com: Auction ended unsold $1,300. Sounds like Cagey5. I like it.


RedMarlin.com Color + Animal (fish) always makes a good brand. No bidders

RedMarlin.com: $385. I love it. Fro the logo. I would do a Marlin that is red. Out there right? I know I’m edgy.

RW.org Another comp about to happen for LL.orgs

RW.org: $10,099. I like these. Non profits have money.

HalfPint.com Nice memorable brand. Top bid getter of the preReleases

HalfPint.com: $1,978. I would guess. Great pub name or Brand.

Passy.com Some people will be disappointed they came to pAssy. Typo traffic

Passy.com: $816. Meh, no interest to me. But a decent 5L.

InternetAccess.com Last call for this premium name

InternetAccess.com: $16,100. Frank liked this one so it should have done well.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Bookie.xyz Solid gambling domain. Only 6 bidders

Bookie.xyz: I would like Wookie.xyz better. But that’s a TM and they will go after you.

BallLickers.com No value. Just wanted to post this one. Can’t believe all the bidders

BallLickers.com: Everyone wants a big porn company to buy their names.

UDNP.com Great letters. The U works in the front because of Union or United

UDNP.com: Universal as well.

0000.biz I have to admit its a pretty cool domain, even if it is a dot biz

0000.biz: Yeah ok, it alright. (He says grudgingly)

1oR.com NLL.com average price is still $750 so it has a little room to run IMO

1oR.com: 1 or .com? I would take .com

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