Domain Spotlight:

Following up on last week’s post covering developed .Game sites such as Server.Game and Jump.Game, we decided to dig a little further for more examples.

Jewels.Game – Formerly residing at, this site and game were funded through a Kickstarter campaign. Despite being an early adopter of a .Game domain, and raising capital through new school crowdfunding, they’ve developed an old school card game for 2-5 players (although a video game is now in the works as well). “JEWELS: an amazing adventure for those who love board games, cards and gems. Play as a merchant to become the richest of the Empire!”


Make.Game – Just a placeholder is live, but they’re out looking to hire & fill a couple positions, and they describe themselves as follows, “A game development resource and asset library that is focused on making game development more accessible by providing high quality assets at affordable prices while also providing tutorials, guides, articles, videos, and other material to learn new skills or hone existing ones.”

MakeGameTime2Play.Game – The company is based in Estonia, and you can see from the screenshot below that a variety of games are available, from chess to battleship, nine-ball, and much more.


CityInvaders.Game – They own, but choose to redirect it to the .Game. A new game is in the works, brought to you by a video game company based in France, that appears to like the new G’s, as the parent company’s site is at LoneStone.Studio. “City Invaders is a powerfull mix bewteen geolocalization features and classic video games such as XCOM or Final Fantasy tactic. Each player lead a team of survivors, each of them with a specific class and set of skills, and he/she can equip them with better items as he evolve in this persistent universe.”


Domain Spotlight: