Epik’s Developer Conference Picks up GoDaddy as Primary Sponsor

Aug 20 2010

Congratulations to Rob Monster and Epik on picking up Godaddy as a Gold Sponsor.  From September 15 to the 17th, Epik is having an exciting conference in Seattle to discuss domain name monetization.  It looks to be a great learning tool for domain developers and I think the auctions is being way under publicized.  There are some fantastic domains/websites being auctioned here is a portion of the recent press release

Among other assistance, Go Daddy will be helping to promote the event through social media and direct customer contact. “Go Daddy is a natural partner for the Epik Domain Developers Conference,” says Paul Nicks, Director of Product Development – Aftermarket at GoDaddy.com. “Go Daddy has always believed domain names are 21st century real estate — but that’s only part of the equation. A solid development plan can help any great domain name reach its maximum potential.”

In addition to the educational tracks, the conference will include a live auction of 300 revenue generating websites based on the Epik platform, including – AbdominalTrainer.com, Collision.com, Haircare.com, HardDrives.com, Heroine.com, Maid.com, HDProjector.com, Patents.com, Spoons.com, WirelessHeadphone.com and WiFi.com.

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  1. Rob Monster - Epik

    Thanks Shane. Appreciate the support.

    We are looking forward to a great event. The domain quality for the auction is improving by the hour, and should be a great opportunity for existing owners to get some liquidity on their mature developments, while a cost-effective point of entry for new developers.

    What is also exciting is the opportunity to bring together leading domain developers and discuss a future vision about the future of the web, and how we can make the web work better through more intuitive use of domain names as a primary mode of navigation.

    Hope to see you there!

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