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5L dot Coms Have Another Fantastic Week

5 Letter dot coms are doing absolutely fantastic.  In some respects I think the sales are even better that 4 letter dot coms.  You certainly can create much better names with 5 letters.  Here are the top 5 letter dot coms as posted in DnJournal.

The NameJet numbers weren’t in this week but Sedo alone seemed to have six 5Ls above $3000 all by themselves.  Again, not all 5Ls are worth this much and there is a certain trend of what types of names are fetching these prices.  If you can’t see it, I’m certainly not going to tell you.  $16,225  (Moniker)  $550  (Sedo) $5000 (Sedo) $4000 (Sedo) $3548 (Sedo) $4200 (Sedo) $3000 (Sedo)

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4 Replies to “5L dot Coms Have Another Fantastic Week”

  1. We have over 300….sold one for $10,000 as we don’t sell much cheaper.

    They must be good and easily pronounceable.


  2. ibroker,

    That calculation you make is valueless and actually kinda weird. Ever considered there are 89000000 dotcoms registered and how many potential registrations of infinite possibility? Maybe .1% of all dotcoms have value. It’s the same with I’m not sure how many 5L.coms are registered, but if .1 are worth something (judging by the community criteria) then the serious 5l.comers are sitting pretty good.

    IMO, if there are maybe 10000 really good 5L.coms out there and when there are five $2000+ sales out there in a week, thats pretty darn good. So if you are a domainer that has 100 good 5Ls, I’d say that is a little gold mine. You own 1% of ALL good 5Ls and maybe a quarter million dollars (give or take 75 thou) of internet real estate….not too bad..

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