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We all look through the auctions.  Scanning through backlinks, valuate, number of Google results and ads, using the information to find what we deem a good buy.  One thing that most people forget to look at is expiration date.  Why is expiration date important?  If someone has added ten years to the expiration it’s like adding $80 to $120 or more to the value.  If a name goes for $69 you’ve essentially gotten a hand register or even cheaper.

Most of Godaddy names tend to be expiring so there aren’t many opportunities there, but Namejet and Flippa often have fairly good names that sell for under $100.  The names aren’t going to make you rich but they often pose a low risk with good opportunity.  Add in extended registration dates and you can get some great deals.  I’ve mentioned before that I like dot cc names.  It’s also well known that nobody else in the world does BUT me….for now.  So when I see a name like I saw a few months ago it makes a no brainer.  I saw up for sale at Sedo and it had met reserve at $100.  I also saw that it was registered out until 2021.  Dot cc is $20 a year so there was an extra 7 years or $140 worth of registration on the name.  So I put $140 bid on the name and won the name at $110.  Essentially costing me less than reg fee for the name.

I like the name because I think it is a great bitoins name.  I figure if bitcoin owners accept a completely new form of currency how could they not be open to an alternate tld.  And just because I got a great price on the name doesn’t mean I’m going to let it go cheap.  The opposite.  I now have 7 years at no further cost to let it play out.  I have already had a few offers on the name but again, I have nothing to lose for quite a while so I will wait until I see a number that I like.  I’ve gotten quite a few 5 and 6 year out expirations on dot nets.  And I may need all of them to have the market come back on dot nets.

So check out those expiration dates when looking through low cost names.  It may change your mind on whether or not your want to buy it or not. At least it will give you a chance to hold the name for a few years for free to see if the market goes in your direction.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Hey Shane always a pleasure to read your articles! I must visit 10 different domain auction sites a day but I always come back here for your advice and tips thanks again…

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