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Everyone Wants To Know Your Best Domains, I Want to Know Your Worst aka 7 Ways I Acquired Terrible Domains

There’s plenty of big boys in this biz that have incredible names but can they compete with bottom of the barrel names that the rest of us have.  I’m talking names that are so bad that they get 0 type-ins per year and in 20 years will have the same amount of type-ins.  Names that you paid way too much money and the stories behind them. Here are 10 ways I’ve acquired shitty names

1. Drunk domaining. I’m having a few beers, sitting on the computer and the world’s greatest idea comes to mind.  It’s probably the 400th greatest idea I’ve had that day but with a little beer it quickly moves up the charts and becomes top dog.  I find a domain that matches and I register it.  Two months later, I haven’t done a damn thing with it and there it sits

2. Wrong letter. As crazy as it seems (and it may have to a little to do with the above).  I bought a domain that I thought was a great deal and I realize the l is actually and”i”.  One time is was M vs N.  It’s only happened twice but it was twice too many. Fortunately I bought them cheap, now I know why

3. Came with the package. I’ve purchased a few groups of domains and amongst those domains are some horrible ones.  Names that they threw in just to get rid of them and clutter up my portfolio.  The names would have been good if I could use them in Scrabble but not so good anywhere else

4. Got caught up in the CPC. The dollar signs of the CPC made me star struck and I have purchased some really really longtail keyword domains.   It’s one of those, on paper it works but in the real world it’s just another crappy domain

5. Caught the wrong end of a trend. “Four L dot Nets Are Going to Soar!!!!!!!” was the talk in ’08.  The 4Ls were sold out and everyone was turning and burning, next up 4L dot nets.  Pssssssssssssssssssssss, hear that?  That’s the bubble bursting on my 4L dot nets.  I really didn’t own too many but it certainly boosted my bad domains portfolio.

6.  Bought something I knew nothing about. One of the surest ways to get a terrible domain is to start buying in niches you know nothing about. I bought PANCREATITISCANCER.Com at an auction and although it is not my worst name by far it is so off my “what I know” chart that I have just let it sit there to die a slow death.

7. I thought it was funny.  I love creative, funny names.  Unfortunately, most of them were only funny for about 15 minutes after I registered them.  Now they’re only funny because I was stupid enough to register them.  Although I still like

And yours?   I’d love to hear the funny stories and bad domains

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  1. Alt TLD domains by default will generally have little type-in but the search volume for any given phrase is much larger than the type-in for the .COM. So in theory a developed .Net or other TLD could have more traffic than the .COM particularly if it ranks for longtail phrases. A parked .COM will not get any type-in traffic for a longtail phrase.

  2. My worst was – I paid $130 back in 2007 because I got carried away in a auction. Barely any traffic. This year I thought to myself, I’m not going to renew a name I don’t believe in just CUZ I paid $130. That’d be stupid…twice. lol

  3. I recently registered a name using a 99 cent GoDaddy coupon because I thought it was funny. Now I realized that even a 99 cent GoDaddy coupon is an opportunity to register a good name, so no more joke names for me.

  4. Back in 2007 my worst domain was when I got carried away at a auction and won it for $130. Hardly any traffic. I didn’t believe in the name. This year I thought it was just plain stupid to renew something just CUZ I paid that amount. I didn’t make the same mistake twice, so I dropped it.

  5. Back in 2007 the worst domain name I purchased was Petite (.us) for $130 when I got carried away at a namepros auction. No traffic, wouldn’t even sell on Bargain Domains for anything. I decided not to renew just CUZ I paid that amount. I didn’t make that mistake twice!

  6. Last minute auction. 🙂

    Sounded good with 2 minutes left. Leaving a bad taste in your mouth the following week.

  7. Think you registered a bad name after a few beers ????????????
    I got caught up with the BP oil spill last spring and acutually registered…………………………………………………………… !!!!!
    I have since deleted it out of my portfolio!

  8. Hmmmmmmm, lets see here, where do I start? Maybe with thinking it would be the next for sales jobs. Dumb., was about to create an awesome site, well you get the idea……. also got beat to the punch by, bastards… (DUMB) How about Thinking 1080 HD resolution would be great with a 3D next to it, yeah well, not so much, another rookie mistake. What about, lets see…….. the twenty or so ENGLISH WORD .de’s I bought and thanks to BIG TIME Estibot appraisals and me being (a dumbass) only two weeks into domaining at the time, I now own some NICE english keyword .de’s. Ya know, I do see some of these sell for big bucks though on dnjournal, well see…. (dumb move probably). Its funny when you look back on some of your dumb moves or early rookie mistakes and think, wow- what was I thinking- but chances are you were bombed OR just didn’t know any better. I’ll drink to that……. Hey Shane, I know you remember me, Im still set on sending you a list of plant names since your my favorite blogger and funny as all hell. In the meantime> & & & Maybe, save you’re money- I can do better than that, I’ll get to it……

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