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I’m Headed to Get Some Quick Tips at Before I Play 18 Hours Straight of World of Warcraft and WTF? Coupons?

World of Warcraft Insider readers got a little surprise recently when they visited their favorite site recently.  AOL,  the owners of World of Warcraft Insider decided that was too valuable of a domain name to dedicate to the site and have moved all content over to or

It’s funny how many World of Warcraft players cried foul.  That typing a few more letters was going to be a burden.  Of course, the 10 hours of online game play in no way cuts into their every day lives but typing a few extra letters?  This is a big deal

For AOL it was a great business move.  WOW players will go anywhere as long as they get their fix.  Despite the recent boos, in reality they could care less about the url.  I’m not saying a coupon site is the world’s most unique idea but the name is a pretty good fit. appears that it will be a copy of Groupon, a site that offers deals/coupons both locally and nationally.

In reality it’s probably going to make a lot more money than the forum but try telling that to Luthar the Almighty, leader of the Shinga Clan aka Chris Morton, 15, from Skokie IL

Domain Spotlight:

3 Replies to “I’m Headed to Get Some Quick Tips at Before I Play 18 Hours Straight of World of Warcraft and WTF? Coupons?”

  1. You just make yourself look like an asshole. It’s not about typing more letters, it’s that they gave the domain to WoW-Insider to begin with, and it’s fitting. Then to suddenly change to to start a groupon type site just seemed silly. There’s over 10 million players, the majority it NOT 15 year olds. The major demographic for World of Warcraft is more like the 25-54 age group. You’re passing your judgement off on Warcraft players because you have some kind of stigma against the type of person that might play. It’s just not cool, decent, or even remotely imaginably correct.

    1. Jay,

      Of course I know the demographics behind WOW. I was just doing the stereotypical joke for the readers. I’ve watched 3 divorces, yes 3, over this “little” game so I realize who is playing and how much time they put into it. Everyone has their hobbies and this is a big one for millions of people. Having a little fun here, that’s all. Put down your swords.

      PS. I am an Ass

  2. Lol, took a loot at the wowinsider and they had a party, it seems there was 100 guys and 3 girls, of them only 1 cute, of course incidentally!…! that cute girl was in about half the shots posted about the party. Totally coincidental i am sure. Yeh. wow is definitely should be used for something else other then world of war craft.

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