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Finally Friday and There are Some Nice Domains Dropping

Well it’s Friday and for most that means a nice rest but unfortunately I decided to put together an event of 7 Garden Speakers and Workshops for our local community.  I had a great time marketing the thing and used the newsletter to fill the place.  I gave the first 100 people a T-Shirt and man did the event fill fast.  A $5 shirt really brings them in.   Its my first event I’ve put together and although we have 100 people for each speaker, overall we are expecting 400-500 this Saturday and Sunday.  Not too shabby for a little event. Watch out Rick Latona, I’m on my way to professional event planner.  Now onto the names The ultimate email that you bring up every once in a while.  I would use this one every time I email my daughter or wife.  I mentioned it last night and she immediately said it was the perfect domain for me Somewhere there is a girl name Gina but spelled different that will be willing to pay you a lot more than $10 for this name Although I would highly recommend against them because of the tremendous fire hazard, these are still being sold by the millions in the US. A great name for a ecommerce site.  You’ll have to fight Epik on this one   typed out it looks like CIA and that will drive up the bids because people are easily fooled.  Even namejet has the the name in capitals like this ClA More and more people are looking to learn Chinese.  You will be their guide

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  1. Good luck with the work shop. I’m not a fan of names like due to the deceptive nature of them. Similar to the sale. Like the drops though. Thanks

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