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Two “Humor” Websites I WAS Going to Do But Didn’t

I love to make spoof sites.  Sites that are funny, sometimes go viral, and then fade into Internet lore or oblivion. These sites almost always pay for my time invested but hardly ever make good money.  I have been able to sell some off based on residual traffic but usually they just sit there.  I still have plans for and one not announced but here were two more I was going to do but decided it wasn’t worth my time.  Tell me what you think.

If you’ve purchased Sun Chips recently you’ll have noticed they’ve switched to a biodegradable bag.  It’s great for the environment as it decomposes in months rather than years.  One problem.  It is the worlds nosiest bag.  Get a few chips out and it sounds like an earthquake hit your home.  You can’t even talk and dish out a few chips.  What it saves in pollution it adds in noise pollution.  I was going to do a funny site full of stories and videos of the bag.  There are tons of them on the net and growing.

When I was in college I was famous for doing shoe box babies.  It’s not something I am proud of but when drunk I always wanted the room to do a shoe box baby with me.  What’s a shoe box baby?  It’s where you take off your shoe, fill it with beer and drink out of it.  Not the most sanitary thing in the world. Some may even call it disgusting.   When you finished the beer in your shoe you put the shoe on your head and someone would take a picture for later use.  Of course back then video cameras weren’t quite in play, they existed but you looked like the Channel 5 news coming in.  Cameras were always there but of course you had to get the film developed ie pick them up when you were sober.  Evidently people still do this game, it’s called various things but the videos are all over YouTube.  I thought I would put up a site featuring the videos and describing the rules of the game.  I figured I could get the game to catch on at college campuses.  Some day drunk party goers will be drinking out of their shoes around the nation.  Hell, they could even get crazy enough to do the Shoe Box Baby 2.o.  Where you fill your shoe and then pass it to the left and have them drink out of it.  That was when I was REALLY drunk

If anyone is interested in making any of these sites let me know.  They are guaranteed to make you very little money but they could be pretty funny and easy to make.  I have a million more ideas all as bad as these if anyone is interested.

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