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Finally Friday Daily Domain and Auction Selections

I hate to see this week end.  Four names sold and almost $3500 in profit.  Not a bad month for a summer month.  Add in some affiliate money, adsense, and the blog ads and I actually may make a little money in this business.  I still get all the comments calling me a “newbie” and how I don’t sell any domains of real value but if this is “newbie” I’ll take it.  A man can live on an extra $40K a year.  Oh, that’s right, I don’t actually have to live on this.  I can blow it on completely useless stuff if I want to.  But then again, that would be a newbie move.  I’ll just keep reinvesting in domains and then and only then I might be able to to impress the people I don’t really care about. You’re going to have to outbid Ernie and Bert on this one. Great name if you are a pond builder or equipment seller. Everyone missspels things and if yur going to capitilize on it this would be a guud won. Great sounding  International flavor with just a hint of cool.  I really should write for catalogs If you win the bid for the typo of quotes you can start a company with this name.  No bidders  My slogan would be “Left Arrow, for those that can’t get it right”   I am for hire if you need a slogan writer. You would think that a company that does speech to text would like this one.  But they’ll probably go with something like I DO love Georgia Three letter and a nice one at that In today’s Groupon world I think this is a good deal at $200.

And thank for the emails .  I fixed the Protrada link and it’s working.  Here’s the link for the Free 7 day trial

Domain Spotlight:

6 Replies to “Finally Friday Daily Domain and Auction Selections”

  1. Shane –

    Very impressive news on the sales results, congrats. The good news is that we have still have 2 weeks remaining which is historically one of the quiet times of the year as many people are on vacation during the summer months.

    Would you mind sharing with your readers the name of the venue you sold your names through? It’s helpful to see what’s working and what’s not.

    Thanks and here’s to more sales!

  2. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who call other people “newbies”. To me “newbie” sounds like a name a jealous high school senior would use to describe a freshman.

    1. Today someone changed it up and called me (not directly) “soda riding expert without the balls to take risk” . Ironic part is it comes from people behind computers and NEVER when I see them at the trade shows. 🙂

  3. Hey Newbie! Just kidding. Congrats on your successes. It’s a tough economy right now and you are to be congratulated for your ability to make money under less than ideal circumstances. Crawl, walk, run. I am sure you will be doing much bigger deals in the future.

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