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I Get $85 a Month Forever For Doing Nothing Because I Got a Piece of the Action

Yesterday I was looking through my Paypal receipts and noticed a nice little transfer in my account for $83. A transaction that varies in amount but not in consistency. It’s a payment I get because 4 years ago I set up advertising for 5 websites and in trade I got 5% of their ads for life.

Five percent isn’t a lot but it’s a hell of a lot for doing nothing. It was a great deal for the websites because I introduced them to an advertising source that provides them with $1500 to $3000 worth of additional revenue. Paying out 5% is more than worth it in my opinion.

Back in 2007 and 2008 I had a website that rocking with traffic. I had advertisers and ad servers all trying to get me to use them. Once I established the ad sources that worked for me I would then set up those same companies on friends and acquantices sites. In return I would ask for a cut of the action as long as they continued to use that source of advertising. Four years later many of them are still using it. Some months more than others but averaging $80 plus a month. Last month I received $262. It’s probably the easiest money I earn each month and reminds me that the way to making real money is to get a piece of the action.

You should always feel comfortable getting a cut if you are providing a source of revenue. Something that couldn’t be done without you. That includes a domain. If that domain is the key to revenue generation for that person then asking for a cut of revenue is more than fair. It doesn’t have to be a large number. Small percentages add up and you are essentially getting it for life as long as that company exists. Remember, you don’t want profits because there are a million ways to show now profit but revenue is much harder to hide. And don’t get greedy. You want your input to be a source or catalyst to more revenue, not a burden.

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6 Replies to “I Get $85 a Month Forever For Doing Nothing Because I Got a Piece of the Action”

  1. What? U are not using google adsense ads exclusively? Shame on u. Good thing there is google so guys like me don’t have to rely on having a relative like u to get an ad source that pays $thousands instead if pennies.

  2. Great article. Even getting a cut on a per sale basis is nice. I built out a water softener site a few years and get $10 on each sale they make. It doesn’t have a ton of traffic but still seem to get about $500 a year off that web design project.

  3. Do you look back and regret selling that website? I’ve sold some things in the past that I kicked myself later for.

    1. There are days I do because the tremendous amount of traffic I had. But the amount of pressure to hold that kind of traffic was immense and probably would have burned out. It turned into a nice site at And I like where I’m at now.

  4. Great article! Very good points on asking for a fair small cut of revenue producing resourcing resources/advice to others.

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