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Finally Friday: Today’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

I want to start off today’s picks by letting you know that Big Jumbo is going to give $5 to the Ronald McDonald House for every no facebook fan that signs up so let’s help Elliot’s charity by going HERE.  An easy way to help out.  Now I’ll try to help by picking out a few good names out of a list. May not look like much to English domain investors but a very popular Asian name. Acronym, radio station, or how people from Alabama say “where” 1996 Registration and all strong letters. It seems for most people in my basement the storage is the garage and the organizer hasn’t been purchased yet. 11 year domain I know it has the “the” but for $12 I’ll take it Antique or any collectibles and dot org go together well Will go cheap here because they don’t like ending in 4 just pointing out that even this type of name will get you a few hundred dollars in China.  Ends in 888

Sorry the list is a little short today but a lot of good names today.  Anyone have any others to add that I missed?

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2 Replies to “Finally Friday: Today’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks”

  1. Technically we say it “whaaarrr”, but you just keep on thinking that… as for the rest of ya’ll you really don’t want to visit or live here – it is horrible… trust me, stay away…


    More than a little irony in that domain Shane, haven’t you seen ‘The Social Network’?.

    Sean Parker said it himself!

    “You know what’s cooler than a domain name…? A domain name without ‘The’ at the start of it”

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