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Wednesday’s Daily List of Dropping Domains and Auctions

You like TV domains?  Today is your day.  Big auction ending today at Snapnames.  Me, I’m flying out to Oklahoma today.  The home of incredible domains.  Well maybe not domains but plants.  Like domains, I like to hunt and search, looking for good prices and quality product.  The only way to do that is to get out and see it in person.  It’s no different than meeting a business partner in person.  You can do it online but in person is always a good idea at some point. Now on to today’s picks.

We’ll start out with the .tv picks. I think this one is seeing action because of the great sound it has when you say it.  Gee Gee Tee Vee See above. Obviously this is the way we are heading so why not own THE domain for streaming tv. I have always loved the thought of doing a daily stock tv program online.  Oh wait, I already was part of one Wallstrip.  I promise this one would fare better

Mr.Tv I just love this one.  It also looks great because Mr usually has a period after in anyway. I can already see your tagline for your site.  “This is where you find the good shit” 1997 registration Starting with W and ending with A are always good because of “World” and “Association”.   This is a good buy under $400  Registered in 2000 I’m a garden domain snob.  I only want or but this dot net still has value with 76,000 searches.  On second thought, I’m going to put in a bid. Not usually a buyer but at $69 I think this is a good buy. Auction is at a little over $50,000 and in my opinion worth $100K or more I think this is a good deal as the bids are still under $300

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