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First Ever DomainShane Video

I was playing around the other night and did my first video blog.  No hot girls, no editing at all, and the set is my kitchen.  I had to break it into two parts because of the length.  Again one take with no editing for 15 minutes so bound to be some glitches.  Like anything else, once I get a little practice hopefully I’ll get the hang of producing a decent video. Until then this is all I got 🙂

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  1. Great stuff partner. You seem like a heck of a good dude… must be something about the mid-west! kind of remind me of a young Brett Favre. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the DNCruise mention.

    Actually you were a factor for picking September because I knew October was a bad month based on last year’s conversation. Once we narrowed it down to September I selected the date because of my good friend Alan Dunn, his son’s birthday was on one of the two options. Then beyond that we had to make sure whatever date selected worked for Frank Schilling.

    That was the magical equation used to figured out the DNCruise dates… you heard it here on first 🙂

    PS… Good job trying out video. You should also try podcasting, lol.

  3. Shane, you’ve made me blush. It’s so nice to hear that you follow, and cannot thank you enough for the shout out. You know very well how much work is required in our little “hobby” and to have someone I admire give recognition, is very much appreciated. Loved your no-nonsense video as much as I do your daily posts. All the best, and again thank you for the shout-out. – Kathryn

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