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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Yesterday was a day of firsts. Put my first video up and got in my first 100 mile bike ride in the morning. I intended to go 80 miles and we felt so good we just kept going. At mile 80 I was still doing 21-22 mph, even with the heat. My wife being the motivator that she is responded to my text “got in 101 miles this morning” with. Great, now go run a marathon. Here’s today’s lists I found using Big market. Big Name About as easy to remember as it gets.  1999 Birthday I’m going to buy this one One of the better email addresses I’ve seen lately.  I’d love to give that one out. $69 for all the humor is a steal Tons of products name Vyper Plenty of uses for this one.  Gas App or just a crowd source site of cheapest gas in town Talkin bout the linkjuice.  I love that song Seems like this one would translate well to TV

Domain Spotlight:

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