Five Guitar Companies Building on the .Guitars Extension

Jul 10 2016

We previously highlighted six guitar builders developing on the .Guitars extension, and this post looks at a few more service providers in the industry building on the extension.

The screenshots below are linked to the sites, if you would like to check them out for yourselves.

VanGeest.Guitars – A musical instrument shop with a focus on guitars, with its bricks & mortar location in Wonthaggi, Victoria, in Australia.


Brozovich.Guitars – A guitar builder with a simple tagline, “Making Wood Sing since 2002”.


Ramirez.Guitars – Their site is still under development, but they say they’re focused on “World Class Spanish Guitars“.


Larrys.Guitars – This Portland, Oregon based individual promotes “Guitars for children suffering from cancer and other disabling illnesses.


Millstone.Guitars – This company features three different types of Millstone-branded custom guitars on their site, ranging in price from $799 to $5,999.


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