Flippa – A Look Forward: Accordion.com, Undergo.com Hit Reserve. ESL.com, O8.org, More

Dec 12 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

ARglasses.com – Getting really nice bids. AR for augmented reality.

Black.car – A new G getting good action.

Accordion.com – An instrument or a brandable business name.

Undergo.com – Dictionary word .com domains always sell. This one is still in the hundreds.

SEOBuster.com – A company providing SEO myth busting services?

RCER.com – It’s a LLLL.com, and a nice one, but I don’t buy the ‘racer’ abbreviation, since it only saves you one letter.

Reserve Not Met

ESL.com – I love the domain, but seller is in the comments saying 6-figure bids are needed. I hope the seller is reaching out to end users, because they won’t get that price from domainers.

QIJ.com – Not as nice as the LLL.com above, but still very valuable.

CashBackCards.com – I’m not sure the value anymore of these longer exact match, lead gen domains…..a few years ago, the $9 CPC would have had domainers/developers scrambling to build out the name.

o8.org – LN.org domains have value in the 4-figures. A few other domains are included in the seller’s listing, but based on a quick glance, the only value is in o8.org.

Present.net – It’s the holiday season, and Present.net only has one bid.

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