Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, December 12th

A new episode of DomainSherpa out today.   This week we have Richard Lau that adds his decades of experience to the panel.  You probably know Richard best for starting and selling NamesCon but he is one of the most successful domain investors in history, he just isn’t very public except for Water School and NamesCon.  I think you’ll enjoy the show.  Here are today’s names.  Click for current price.

Domain Of The Day:   Great name to accept payments.  First bid has to be an enduser

Domains That I Like With a Lot of Bids    The agin world population and the cost of medical has health as one of the hottest sectors   As evidenced by this price as well   I had a lot of these growing up. 20 years old and a few bids   Great Western letters and aged.   Could hit four figures  A last name and an upgrade name for a few entities   Chinese bidders on this one.   854,000 backlinks bringing in the bids  Consonants which means about $1500ish at the current market   Good name but the singular would be a huge name   Get a little bit of weed each month    the patterns that the Chinese market likes    Backlinks and traffic.  Not sure what original content was   Birch box for mean girls

Domains With One or NO Bids Maybe not all but most of it. No bidders I like brands that start in X. Strong sounding. No bidders. Sounds like a fertilizer business Works well with the .us ending Every road and parking lot needs striping. Also an upgrade name for a few companies Memorable and I think one word .tv names are undervalued. But don’t own any ……yet  I like the rhyming and the double Z   I can see this as a brand for something.  One bidder, 12 years old

Some and smaller getting interest  These all have bids but some are closing on $50 plus.  More scarce than a 5N if that means anything

Names That Have Bids
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NAMEJET   Under $50K and good letters for all languages   A little too hot for a dating site but perfect for a hookup app  Another that will most likely to into a Chinese portfolio   Reserve is under $25K so I think this will sell   Triple 9  Michael Jordan.  Has a few bids   I would think this would be a four figure name.  We’ll see   At $1000 at press time.  One bidder at $69 on this one.  Would be a good buy based on this months sales.  But I am not saying buy it.  Just stating a point.  I have heard from another blogger that you all are lemmings and buy based on my descriptions.  I think you’re smarter than that.   A billion or so people use this as a currency   Only a few bidders.  Stars or just gawking   Sounds like a bike part company but could be anything  An ok name but Stem cell therapy is absolutely the future.  Going to change the world  20 years old.  Upgrade name for quite a few companies.  Great name but high reserve  As seen and discussed on   I thought it was good

FLIPPA and SEDO  21 years old.    All comes down to the reserve  Have to start with reliable and move up from there  Great dating site name.  Love this one   Good brand and short to boot

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at


Take a look at some of the names coming  Here is the FULL LIST

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