Flippa – A Look Forward: BrewingGuide.com, Art.io Meet Reserve. NUP.com, ASZ.com, PUHA.com, More

Apr 20 2015

brewing guide

Reserve Met and Will Sell

BrewingGuide.com – Nice name for all the home brewers out there.

Art.io – The .io domains are selling well on Flippa, but this one is surpassing my expectations.

Rank.io – Same as above.

MobileGameDevelopment.com – The length will keep the price down, but there are still over 1,000 searches per month and a CPC over $6, per Estibot.

ITAssistant.com – Over 1,000 searches and nearly a $10 CPC.

XSO.net – Price is still below wholesale LLL.net pricing.

Reserve Not Met

NUP.com – Pronounceable CVC.com sets it apart from most other LLL.com that have been on the market.

ASZ.com – Still in the 4-figures right now….though I’m guessing it will crack 5-figures.

PUHA.com – One of the popular CVCV domains

Stews.com – BIN of $15k

Narrators.com – Low 4-figures right now.

TP.net – In the low 5-figures right now. MH.net recently sold for around $15k, and PJ.net sold for $12.5k.

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