Flippa – A Look Forward: Coffeehouse.com, LTV.com, ToolChest.com, Using.com, VR.net, Suck.net

Jul 20 2014

Not a ton of names that have hit reserve, but a bunch of high quality names waiting to be bid up……

Reserve Met and Will Sell

vetDrag.info and 69 other .info domains – $935 – Lots of one word .info’s (Deny, Impound, Riots, Yuma) and a few numerics (1977, 1988).

V.et – $505 – If you like hacks, they don’t get any shorter than this. Ethiopia’s extension.

Wodonga.com – $205 – Australian GEO with population around 30k. 1998 name.

Reserve Not Met

Scene.com – $50,000 – Hit $200k in a prior listing and didn’t sell.

Physical.com – $20,000 – I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one sell……owner Eric Borgos is not afraid to sell for a loss, such as he did with Weights.com.

LTV.com – $16,000 – Sold last year at NameJet for $15,100. I think of Loan To Value since we’re in the middle of refinancing another office building in my day job, but there are plenty of other meanings, and a few other extensions in use that might someday need an upgrade.

Coffeehouse.com – $7,500 – Love this name.

Fittingly.com and 215 other domains – $3,000 – Other names such as 69th.com, Scamsters.com, Weekdays.net, and many more.

VR.net – $2,150 – Virtual reality, vacation rentals……..

Suck.net – $1,500 – BIN of $97k

ToolChest.com – $1,050 – Lots of search volume for this expensive product.

Minorities.com – $600 – Suffering from buyer fatigue….this name has been on the platform a few times, and got up to $40k in its last listing. BIN of $49,995.

NY4.com – $205 – There is always a market for CCC.com’s, especially when you’ve got the New York abbreviation.

RollingMachines.com – $60 – For the smokers…

Using.com – Minimum bid of $5,000, and 1 bid is pending. Using or uSing.

Fouls.com – no bids, but a seller says the minimum bid of $2,750 will hit the reserve.

T-V.com – no bids, minimum bid of $1,500

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