Flippa – A Look Forward: Commanding.com, Feir.com Hit Reserve. Cuddle.com, MJY.com, Peppermint.com, More

Apr 27 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Commanding.com – Seller Federer is back with another one word .com domain with no reserve.

Feir.com – An acronym or a last name. It won’t hit the $10k BIN, but it will move up in price from the low $xxx where it’s currently at.

Menz.com – I’ve said it before that the “Z” at the end isn’t my thing, but the auction is still doing really well.

Dead.ly – Similar to the Z above, .ly domains aren’t in my strike zone, but they still sell. This one is in the four figures.

True.ly – True.com sold for $350,000, so True.ly is worth _______.

Reserve Not Metnew york cab

NewYork.cab – auction canceled, per Kevin Fink of Flippa.

Peppermint.com – A great brand name.

Cuddle.com – Short and memorable, and the pricing shows that these types of domains are in demand.

MJY.com and QWZ.com – Two LLL.com domains on the list again this week, and I’d expect MJY.com to do much better than QWZ.com. NSE.com just sold yesterday on Flippa for a cool $50,000.

SpecialOffer.com – 8,000 searches per month and nearly a $5 CPC, per Estibot.

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