Flippa – A Look Forward: ERL.com, Unfriend.com Hit Reserve. XRV.com, Terror.com, More

Oct 24 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

ERL.com – This domain is owned by a big environmental firm, so it hasn’t been traded back and forth among domainers. Ends on Wednesday.

Unfriend.com – This domain has value thanks to Facebook. It sold for $3,022 last year at NameJet, and now is being put up at no reserve.

PayCap.com – “Pay” domains continue to do really well.

TKBI.com – I’ve seen worse letters.

Riches.net – This domain won’t bring you riches, but it looks like it will sell for at least a few hundred bucks.

Reserve Not Met

Websites.org – I think of commercial uses, but I’m sure the .org extension can be utilized.

Terror.com – 110,000 searches per month, per Estibot.

XRV.com – This one has been up a time or two….hope the reserve is coming down.

Patchouli.com – Per Webster, “a heavy perfume made from the fragrant essential oil of a southeast Asian mint (Pogostemon cablin); also : the plant itself”.

A few LLLL.com:

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