Flippa – A Look Forward: Hippest.com, eWar.com, Rate.org, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Biebs.com – For the Justin Bieber groupies out there.

DigitalGraphic.com – I can see it for a graphics business.

Hygene.com – It’s not how I spell it, but that’s not stopping the bidding.

And, a couple LLLL.com:

Reserve Not Met

Rate.org – The .com sold for $725k last year, making the .org worth ______? (I’ll say less than 1%, so a 4-figure name.)

ToyWorld.com – We know what this store would sell.

eWar.com – Shorter than ‘cyber war’.

Hacked.com – BIN is unrealistic. Sold previously on Flippa for $50k.

HealthFood.com – The best kind to eat, but not always the best tasting.

BetterCredit.com – A good credit improvement domain.

o8.org – I recently bought a couple CC.org, so I hope this one does well.

Hippest.com and Greasy.com – If given the option, I’d prefer to be referred to as the former.

Domain of the Day: