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While I was happy with my domain sales discussed yesterday, my performance on the acquisition front was poor, and a big step backwards from the first half of the year.  Part of that was due to getting outbid in auctions, but the bigger reason was not taking enough time to chase down potential buys…..I’ve got no one to blame for that other than myself. I have a couple decent leads for near-term acquisitions, so I’m planning to improve my performance in 2017.

Below is a sample of some acquisitions from the 2nd half of 2016, in order of what I perceive to be the value: – Decent search volume (50,000 per month per Estibot), presumably for the type of music, but I’m guessing the ultimate user will use the domain as a brandable name, unrelated to the music. – I don’t know what the future use on this domain will be either, but it had been used as the home of a UK-based software company for nearly two decades. – Some past sales discussed in this post and in the comments section, from a prior owner. – I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I don’t love “-ing” names, but with an acquisition price only 1/3 higher than what sold for this year, I think I’ll do OK with the name. – A name for a yet-to-be-formed environmentally friendly hosting company, or an upgrade name for hosting companies developed in 10+ other extensions. – A phrase that has some mindshare., – I’ve been getting priced out of the shorter, liquid names for the last 1-2 years, but I believe I got these at a price for a profitable flip. They’re probably going into our next NameJet auction.

As always, you’re welcome to share some of your own recent acquisitions, or critique any of mine listed above.

Domain Spotlight:

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    1. Ahhhh, thanks Matias. That helps explain the handful of inquiries I get every week from people in Argentina. None of those inquiries have gone anywhere, so I assume they’re looking for the media company.

      I’m not sure if I found the right website, but it looks like they may operate under

  1. I really like how ‘Polka’ sounds..I bought ‘Culca’ and got rejected by BB 🙂
    regarding eGreeting, I would be happy if ppl will not penalize for the extra ‘e’ in the beginning, as I own similar one,

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