Flippa – A Look Forward: Jimmie.com, Donnie.com, P4.com, EIQ.com, e.Guide, More

Jul 25 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

LEDFlashlight.com – Has a solid 15,000 searches per month and $1+ CPC, per Estibot. Bidding in the mid 4-figures.

Jimmie.com – Common first name at no reserve…..that’s always worth following.

e.Guide – Single letter domain that spans the dot.

Wireless.Network – Another new G that spans the dot.

BVLB.com – 4L’s will always be liquid.

Signalled.com – Despite the “-ed”, these types of domains will always sell…..at a minimum to other domainers.

Reserve Not Met

SuperBet.com – Very brandable gambling domain, but it’s getting no love.

eIQ.com- Not your run of the mill LLL.com domain, with its “IQ” at the end.

Donnie.com – Another first name domain name, following up on Jimmie.com above.

Sippers.com – Is this what babies use?

P4.com – It’s not often you see an LN or NL for sale.

Offerz.com – I believe this has been up a few times….BIN of $12k this time.

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