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Jul 25 2016


One of the reasons I teamed up with Aaron here at DSAD is he is such a good person. We have a lot of the same interests and love of the outdoors as well.  I met him as he came home each year to help his Dad with harvest here in Illinois. There’s something wonderful and old school traditional about a guy coming home to help his family harvest the crop.  And this past week he volunteered to help rebuild and build trails in Colorado so that tens of thousands of people in the future can hike safely.   Many hikers like myself take for granted the work that was done to make the ledges and paths that guide us on our adventures.  They don’t just magically appear.   While I’m struggling to just get up, someone like Aaron spent countless hours working on just a few feet of trail each day.  So the next time you visit a national park or just a mountain, be thankful for people like Aaron that give back to nature as much or more than he took.

ProCut.com Great name for a lawn service. Because there are already quite a few with the name

2Travel.com Saves you a few million by putting a 2 in front

Homeoshop.com Can make a lot of money selling stuff that doesn’t work

CashOfCourse.com How would you like payment? No bids

SharePlus.com Already used by SharePoint. Just need to use it in a different way. 71 bidders plan to

Fotash.com I think it would make a good brand. Potash but cooler. No bidders

KFarmers.com Is Kush Farmers too much of a stretch?

VirtualCost.com No bidders. Everything is becoming virtual. Why not cost?

CanniButter.com mmmmm Pot Butter

Bitacor.com You’re seeing more and more of these brands on my list. Mostly because they are $12 and a great risk return

GreenGrowth.com Pot, money, eco

Ganzen.com Ganja zen. Or just a nice short brand

AgriLights.com Our industry trade shows have become a cannabis tradeshow. There were grow light suppliers but the hundreds

WSD.biz Worth much more than the $12 bid IMO

NYY.me New York

FJL.biz Not quite as good but same

PersonalFocus.com 19 years old. We all need a little. Actually a pretty good brand. Easy to spell, say, and remember

HRH.biz BPF.biz UKD.biz A few more at $15

FilmInChicago.com I would think that the Chicago Film Office or the city of Chicago would want this. No bidders

Pleasure.ws First dot ws I’ve seen with bids in a long time

69308.com Has a zero, brings down the price. Ends in 8, brings up the price

ThinCPA.com I have no idea why its at four figures.

MyDock.com Probably not a the kind you tie your boat to

TheGreatVape.com You know you can see this store in the strip mall behind Wendy’s








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PotHelps.com  At $1.  Many people think it does

BestInsurance.com    Strong strong name.  Description says its an auto insurance name.  Much more than that

LEDFlashlight.com Big name and Reserve met. Millions are being sold and this is the perfect name to sell some



YUO.com   Almost You

FunTown.com  I love to visit a few times a week

GetInvitations.com  The wedding invitation market alone is tens of millions of dollars

ShopDiscounts.com    Everyone loves discounts.  Tough to pay full price anymore

TeethWhiteningGels.com All the ads on Google are filled for the term

Monticello.co   There’s a Monticello in every state

Earring.com  Remember when guys used to wear earrings?  Now they just have giant hoop holes.   I think girls are more the target market now.

XECurrency.co  All the bids coming because of the huge site XE.com also know as the XE currency converter

AntiOxidents.net   All I see on packaging is about how many are packed in that particular food

GreenMarketing.co    All about being green now.  You don’t have to be but at least pretend like you are.  Its all in the marketing and thus the bids on the name

EcuadorAirlines.com Getting bids.  I just don’t get the feeling of safety when I say it aloud

DailyPayouts.com  As seen on DomainSherpa.  Thought it was good for a slot place or casino

Sleepwalking.com   Not sure how you would monetize this one

BPBA.com, FEDH.com, MNHN.com, and WSEI.com    A few LLLL.com that I like today

JYNB.com  And there’s this one with 81 bids.

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com

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