Flippa – A Look Forward: Lilies.com and MMLM.com Hit Reserve, Bart.com, 1847.com, More

Oct 26 2015

Reserve Met and Will Selllilies

Lilies.com – The seller listed this previously and bidding didn’t get up to the reserve. This time the reserve has been met and the market will dictate the price. Bidding has gotten into the 5-figures. According to Estibot, “lilies” gets 50,000 searches per month and the double-L “lillies” gets 18,000 searches per month.

LRV.net – The V isn’t China-friendly, but these LLL.net are still liquid.

RugbyMagazine.com – I’m not tough enough to be a rugby guy, but I’m sure there are magazines out there on the sport.

Some LLLL.com, in my opinion of their order of value. The quality of the 4L’s this week is significantly better than the past few weeks.

  1. MMLM.com
  2. MXKC.com
  3. EPHP.com
  4. OJIH.com
  5. XTNU.com

Reserve Not Met

Bart.com – Love the name. Previously sold on Flippa for a smoking deal, discussed here.

Art.io – This one sold for $6,050 on this same Flippa platform earlier this year. Will be interesting to see what’s happened with the .io market. My sense is that it has softened for domainer-to-domainer transactions.

1847.com – I don’t see too many NNNN.com on Flippa.

Zuho.com – Pronounceable LLLL.com. BIN of $6,000.

Bitcoin.ly – No idea what a .ly is worth. I actually don’t know what a bitcoin is worth these days either.

eDiscover.com – I’m not a leading “e” guy normally, but I kind of like this one.

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