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Keeping Everyone Up To Date On What’s Going On With Adam Dicker and His Company

Nobody seems to want to discuss what is going on with Adam Dicker and I know why.  Adam is/was a friend of many us in the industry.  But if I am going to write a blog that discusses the domain investment world how can I not write about something that is one of the biggest events to effect our industry in the last 10 years.  Most blogs have avoided discussion and are waiting for the court of law to reveal details and assume guilt. I don’t know who is guilty in a court of law but I can point out some details that I know are true and let you decide. If you know where to find more discussion you can go there. There isn’t much more to discuss in my opinion. The differences need to be resolved in what ever manner is necessary.  Through legal, mediation, or private negotiation.

I will not give opinion or exact details on everything because I really don’t want the drama of a court case if I get something wrong.  I will merely post things that I know are true.  So here it is

  1.  There are a lot of people that feel that they paid for website development and did not get what they paid for.  This is not one, two, or ten.  It is more.  Here is an example of a website that was done for $3000 USD.   It is a site about survival.  You judge the site and see if you agree with the purchaser.  Unless the person speaks Latin I don’t think anyone is getting many survival tricks. Is it going to be completed later?  It could be claimed, but it never has been.  This person would like his money back.  And he has for quite some time.  If this article causes him not to get his money back I am going to try and raise funds to help him out because he was willing to be open and honest about the situation.
  2. Several of these claims from clients are not new. Many have been trying to get resolution for more than 6 months and some more than a year.
  3. Refunds have not been given to a group of people that feel they deserve it.   The reasons have been various from Adam,  the last two weeks he told people he would send repayment.  Each time the payment was delayed until the point the communication stopped.
  4. Adam sold  We know it was sold to have more free funds.  Everyone assumed that these funds would be used to pay back many of the people that had sites made.
  5. Adam Dicker had lawyers send a letter out to people that have posted publicly their displeasure with Adam Dicker.  Especially on the forums.   The document says that in order to be repaid they must remove their posts that disparage Adam.
  6. Adam has told me several times personally that he would pay back the person with the above site   He did not meet any of his personal deadlines for various reasons given until they were not given at all.

This is a big deal to me for several reasons.  This is a small industry.  Adam Dicker was named Developer of the Year this year.  I completely understand that a person or company is not guilty until proven in a court of law. I have not seen the sites that made him the developer of the year.  I have only seen the sites that have made clients unhappy with the results.  It is important that those that come to and DomainShane understand that the same people that are built up in our industry need to also judged for the actions. Not just their persona. .   I’m not saying don’t give Adam Dicker money.  That is up to each person personally.  But to not say anything and let them see the awards and the sales pitch on Facebook in my opinion, devalues the value of the opinion that I put on here each day.   Another thing. What’s going on now really shows how much people are scared of legal.  The lack of lawsuits either tell me that Adam’s side is much stronger than made public, or my idea that people don’t want to go through the effort of suing for a few thousand dollars.  The people that I talked to were embarrassed that they had paid thousands for the website.  Even thought that’s what you get for that price.

I am not going to allow comments here because of legal.  People already call me a dick, ass, and every name under the sun.  And I really haven’t done anything wrong other than say what I’m thinking.  That has lead me to believe that opening the comments would only open myself up to a whole heap of letters from lawyers because the comments are going to be ruthless and most likely, not civilized. .  I may still get a legal letter from my comments on the forums or this post.  But I have tried to either be honest or funny.  I have been better at the first than the second.

My last comment will be that nobody is going to win here.  I absolutely feel that the person above should be paid back in full for whatever he paid for the site.  If anyone else received the same quality site,  a refund is deserved.  As for all the other details, someday we may find out.  I know I was not told the truth. And as many have said,  the most important thing we all have is trust and I have lost that.

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