Flippa – A Look Forward: LLLL.com Portfolio, Cosmetics.net Hit Reserve. Dominican.com, TheHamptons.com, More

Aug 03 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

There are a handful LLLL.com domains that have hit reserve and end within the coming week, listed in order of how I think the pricing will shake out, from highest to lowest:

Portfolio of 15 LLLL.com Domains – Including VXUU.com, OFJF.com and more.

Cosmetics.net – This one doesn’t end for another 3 weeks, but I’m just excited to see a domain from SuperbDomains that is at no reserve….my memory of all their listings is that they typically have end-user reserves, yet they keep pushing their names on domainer platforms. Will be interesting to see how this one ends.

W3Z.com – I’m a big fan of CCC.com for their liquidity.

Reserve Not Met

Worse.com – Not sure how I’d use it.

TheHamptons.com – Pricey vacation destination.

SecurityExpert.com – Security is big business, whether it relates to online security, home security, or more.

I don’t love “-ed” domains, but they have their place:

Dominican.com – The domain isn’t getting any love at the current bidding level….it could be due to the $500,000 BIN price.

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