Flippa – A Look Forward: Mistake.com, Lengthy.com, 7 LLLL.com Hit Reserve, Creature.com, More

Nov 16 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Mistake.com – Perception.com is selling off one of their one word .com’s at no reserve.

Lengthy.com – This domain won’t make you rich, but it’s a one word .com that will continue to be in demand.

190 Domain Portfolio – Including FaceTissues.com, TeethingPowder.com, Hoocu.com, and many more.

AirReservations.com – It would be tough to compete with the Expedia and Travelocity’s of the world.

A handful of LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. PWBZ.com
  2. PUFX.com
  3. GIJJ.com
  4. ERKZ.com
  5. QVCR.com
  6. OGKA.com
  7. UCCJ.com

Reserve Not Met

PacificNorthwest.com – A geo, but of a region, not a specific city/state. 12,000 searches a month.


Creature.com – Lots of uses. A brand, a movie name, a video game name, etc. An upgrade name for quite a few websites.


CashMachines.com – This was picked up off the drop a couple months ago. If I were a manufacturer of cash / ATM machines, I’d buy this for the $6k BIN.


Flightz.com – The Z isn’t my thing, but they still sell. Recently sold includes: Menz.com for $10,500, Wheelz.com for $7,061, and Bunz.com for $10,000.


Pediatricians.com / Optometrists.com / Dermatologists.com – A three domain medical package. Each keyword gets 4-5,000 searches per month, combined with a CPC in the $3-4 range, per Estibot.

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