Flippa – A Look Forward: NUMO.com, FEVU.com, and an Emoji Domain?

Dec 26 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

JX.de – I expect this LL.de to increase in price significantly, from the low $xxx it’s at while I type this. Recent comps say it will go up at least 10x from here.

Funnest.com – Is this a real word? Doesn’t matter, as bidding is in the mid 3-figures.

Givez.com – I’m personally not a fan of the Z, but they still sell pretty well.

eGolds.com – More valuable without the letter at the beginning or the end, but you take what you can get.

BYEI.com – Already above minimum wholesale value for LLLL.com domains.

Reserve Not Met

Emoji (.com) Domain? – I have no idea what it’s worth, or how to even describe it, but pricing is in the mid 4-figures.

FEVU.com – CVCV’s have been hot.

NUMO.com – And another

ODAQ.com – And VCVC’s aren’t as pricey, but they’ve been doing well too.

FEVR.com – Only 1 letter off from FEVU above, but 1 letter dramatically impacts value.

Creates.com – Been up a time or two, so hopefully the reserve is coming down.

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