Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, December 26th

Christmas is over.  Great day with the family but it’s time to get back to work.   Like a lot of people, I have quite a bit to do before the end of the year and need to spend a little money before the year is over.  We bought a bunch of trucks and tractors at the nursery and made sure all our soils and pots came in to take advantage of accelerated depreciation and expensing options.  I have a few things in the domain business to do as well.  It has been an amazing year and I don’t take it for granted.  I am working hard to make next year even better.  I’m going to run Boston in the spring and then I’ve decided to climb Denali in Alaska with a few friends and I have to get into a new level of fitness. Because this time its not time, its safety and my life.  It’s obviously more dangerous than your average vacation but everyone has their thing.  I like physical challenges that reward the mind and the heart.  I made a list of things I wanted to do in 1991 and after this I have only two left.  Do Ironman in Kona and Climb Everest.  I’ve done two Ironmans so I am going to count that and my plan is to only go to Mt. Everest basecamp and spend two weeks carrying garbage down to clean in up.  At that point I’ll decide if I am going to go back and try to summit.  Then I just want to see my daughter grow up and get married and have kid(s).  Everything else is bonus.   Work from this point is merely to make sure I have enough money to do the rest of things my wife and I want to do in life.  And I love the challenges of building a business.  Do you have any big plans for 2017. I love hearing what others are looking forward to

Here are today’s names. Click for current price.

Domain Of The Day:   Reserve met and under $1000

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Blog names still get lots of bids.  Elliot outbid me for at $500ish.  19 years old and doing much better than a normal vowel have performed well over the last 5 years  44,000 backlinks and already at $1300  This one has 100,000 backlinks    The 33 is the driver.  Pretty much all double number are getting bids

Domains With One or No Bids People love elephants and almost everyone knows how to spell it. Nice sounding brand with no bidders Worst work email EVER Nice motivational name I always felt that an O at the end means organization and then it would be better dot org. But not always the case Sell them on this would be a good choice vs your other choice. Even if it isn’t I figured this one would get a bid and I was right. People love tech and cows Bitcoins at $900 should be enough to get bitcoin names going again Not saying its worth anything but sure love the thought Smoke em if you got em

Domains With Bids

A HUGE Group of 6Ns with double repeaters today
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NAMEJET  I can’t believe how many bids there are on this typo.  Be careful. Unless there is a sliver coin I’m not aware of   Wow corporation  A trimmed plant or hands that have been in the bath too long   A better name than CarFax   Just a few bidders on this nice pattern  6 bidders. There is a huge demand for truck drivers right now.


Flippa and Sedo  Not a real word but a word that gets used in jest all the time.  No bids so it will sell    Good CVCV but its for sale by Brannan’s so its going to be a big reserve.  Not sure I’ve seen one ever complete at Flippa from them.  Anyone else seen one actually get sold?  No reserve and under $50 at press time


MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at

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