Flippa – A Look Forward: NVM.net, MusicDownloads.info Hit Reserve. Cairo.com, LLLL.com Portfolio, More

Dec 21 2014

Reserve Memusict and Will Sell

MusicDownloads.info – Only around $200 right now, and I expect it will move much higher considering its 90,000+ searches per month. Heck, even the .mobi sold for $1,200 back in 2011, and the .de sold for $12,120 back in 2006.

PopularVacation.com – Travel/vacation names always seem to do well, even though this one doesn’t have a ton of search volume associated with it.

NVM.net – BIN of $2,500, and current bidding is near 1/4 of that.

SendGiftCards.com – I don’t love the name, but at no reserve, it’s still getting a little action.

Reserve Not Met

LLLL.com Portfolio – 82 domains, including AFYY.com, LAHZ.com, OAXE.com, TMOJ.com and more

Sell.org – Made it to $30,500 in bidding last week, but didn’t hit reserve. A BIN of $35,000 is now listed.

Review.org – The .org might try to give your review site authenticity?

Cairo.com – BIN of $700k, yet current bidding is a tiny fraction of that. Nearly 8 million residents.

FoodGuide.com – Foodies love their guides.

Advertising.com.au – Huge keyword, not so huge extension.

Pharmaceuticals.com – Tough to spell, but it’s a massive industry. A couple weeks yet to go on this auction.

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