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Minimum Wholesale Pricing for Domains

NameJet had a bunch of sell on Thursday and Friday last week, and I was following them closely, not because they’re premium……actually quite the opposite….they mostly had inferior letters and combinations, but I’ve got three or four of similar quality, so I’m always trying to gauge their value. The domains that sold are below:

  • – $6,947
  • – $7,900
  • – $8,679
  • – $8,711
  • – $8,991
  • – $9,455
  • – $9,501
  • – $10,000
  • – $11,100

Two bidders each picked up more than one, with “mkrules” buying three, and “first” buying two.

Based on these sales, it looks like the current minimum wholesale price is right at $7,000, though perhaps the number of LLL domains that hit the market at the same time might have temporarily pushed the price down a little.

Looking back a little further with NameBio’s data, you have to go back to June to find another that sold below $7,000:

  • – $6,800 at NameJet in June
  • – $6,075 at NameJet in May
  • – $6,707 at NameJet in May

I was surprised to see only one of the domains sell in the results of the recent Sedo Great Domains auction, but the reserves must have been too high, and they were mostly higher quality LLL domains that wouldn’t reveal anything about the minimum wholesale price.

The prices above are obviously a long way away from when Shane posted about’s with a Q in June 2013; back then, there was one recent sale below $4,000, and lots betweeen $4-5k.

Where does pricing go from here? The heck if I know, but personally, I’m holding firm.

(If you’re looking for liquidity with your before the end of the year, drop Shane or me a note!)

Domain Spotlight: