Flippa – A Look Forward: Onions.com, Siamese.com, KETY.com, JADD.com, More

Nov 28 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

JADD.com – This pronounceable 4L is doing well.

Portfolio of 30 Domains – Includes everything from VYMG.com to .io domains like Orphan.io and ZHA.io.

07M.com – NNL domains have been doing really well, even with a leading zero.

Reserve Not Met

Siamese.com – This one has been around the block a little, but I can’t remember if it’s been on Flippa yet. A nice name regardless.

HowToCode.com – Excellent name, although the BIN scares me off.

Onions.com – The domain has a BIN of $16k, and the domain sold at NameJet for $19,100 in 2013, per NameBio.

WebsiteDesigners.com – Some may think it’s too generic, but there is still plenty of value here.

Lastly, a few nice pronounceable LLLL.com:

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