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I listened to the Domain Sherpa podcast today and I have to say that when those four are together they make my favorite Sherpa reviews. They have good symmetry and compliment each other while having diverse domain styles and backgrounds.

I’m excited to see what Frank brings to the table with the new app and the idea that lower priced names need to have a low resistance flow for the buyer. I recently changed some things on my uniregistry landing pages that I think might be in tune with the direction they’re heading.

For some time now, I’ve been wondering why there’s extra hurdles the buyer has to jump through for names that you’re trying to sell for $1 to $3000. We know that premium priced domains in the registry path get bought because it’s easy. The buyer adds it to their cart and checks out.

The changes I made on a large chunk of domains was setting them to BIN only and changing the for sale banner on the landing page to list the price. So instead of “This domain may be available for sale” I put “This domain is for sale for $999”. It’s the same concept as the premium listings, the potential buyer sees the price, says “what the hell, I can afford that”, clicks the link and buys it. With names registered at Uniregistry the buyer can check out right there, no need for escrow.

I only made these changes a few day ago, but it was interesting to see that Frank was talking about something similiar on the show.

Main List

The No Bid List  Round the clock money making  Apply for a job, apply force  A computer nerd that’s always there to assist you  Where you should be, not behind not ahead at stride  Able to fix the modern car and all its computers  A site to protests things you think shouldn’t be allowed  Has really big nostrils, you can hear him coming a mile away A last name,  and a person that helps women put on shirts  Could be a footbal site or lightning fast news coverage  Not for the fient of heart  Pick your next home design   Sounds delicious this on too  straightforward, maybe a site to help people filter what they say  A bar Jukebox brand  Set up your cloud the way you want it   Time for some new digs  these aren’t the droids you’re looking for  Protects the end of something   A few smith names in the list. I think this is the best. A maker of energy  Nice double F brand  Hands that know work and can help you  Maybe a vape name  I like the word  forge, cool way to say create or make something, It feels deeper like you’re pulling the thing out of the ether    Fullfil you destiny fully  Forex or effects  Play on vein vs vain  development  Hire a great coder for your next app  A group of helpful people  Why does that non profit hospital make $50 million a year? couldn’t they lower my bill a bit?  Like Lord of the Flies, but in a city  This is a system that has all your vital information that can be accessed in an emergency, by your designate

Names With Bids

Namejet  College Football  MMMM Delicious Breast Meat  Find fun ways to turn trash into something useful  A name for a counselor or a service that helps you overcome your fear  One last awesome meal before execution  Espressive, wild, or cartoons  Keep your stuff secure  An person or thing that blocks things from happening  A device that gives you internet anywhere  You must do it  Abuse, injuries help the kids get better  Had a bad day? Find out how to change things so it doesn’t happen tomorrow  Save your marriage  Unicorns and Solar  The store where all the creepy clowns shop  Cuz it’s made of plastic


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  1. I’d like to see someone get the
    name you suggested above
    for someone with BIG NOSTRILS…
    I’d get a kick out of an old guys – big nose site…
    ~Patricia Kaehler — Ohio USA — DomainBELL

  2. Are you manually entering the price in the banner text for each domain or is there a code that you know of? I was thinking about doing this as well but it’s pretty time consuming.

    1. Yeah I’m manually entering it but for a large group of domains. What you can do is sort the names into price groups, load the list and then bulk edit them.

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