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Flippa – A Look Forward:,,, More

Reserve Met and Will Sell – If you couldn’t afford for $3.0 million. Fetching a decent price. – Bidding much higher than I would have expected. – Not a ton of value, but it’s catchy. Reminds me of college.

Portfolio of 40 Domains – Such as,, and more. – More and more non-techy .io domains are selling. – Can’t go without listing at least one

Reserve Not Met – BIN of $75k, which scares me about what the reserve might be. – Sold last year on Flippa for $2k, and prior to that for about $3k, and back up for auction…..with current bidding above both the two prior sales. – Internet cool? – A pretty common phrase….I think of big screen TVs, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, etc – This one is better than your average “-ed” domain. – I’m not a buyer of .net domains, but many people still are…….just at a much lower price than before.

Domain Spotlight:

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