Domain Spotlight:

Reserve Met and Will Sellsadness – 16 year old, one word domain with no reserve. Two weeks to go, and the price has plenty of room to run.

.US portfolio – including,,, and 21 more. – Neither hacks, nor random extensions are my thing, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sell for decent money. – See  above. – aka NYC, under $200 currently.

Reserve Not Met – Sold for $41k a couple years back at Flippa, but it looks like the current owner is ready to take a loss, with a stated reserve of $25k. – Great domain, but I don’t know the reserve. BIN of $250k, and the current bidding is less than 10% of it. – I like it for some sort of antivirus name, but it could be used for many purposes. – Big $$ spent on babies. sold for $3,260 earlier this year at Afternic. Will be interesting to see what happens when you take the “the” off. – Bidding got up to $2k in a prior listing; $10,500 BIN. – second time is a charm? Got up to $5,500 in a prior listing.

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. – $70,000 (sold) – $70,000 (sold) – aka NYC, under $200 currently. (reserve met)…

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