Flippa Recap: GermanFood.com, Dopy.com, SearchDeal.com, PoopShovel.com, Gum.org

Jul 30 2014

Oops! This is a belated version of last week’s summary of notable domain and website sales at Flippa.

Some domains that sold

GermanFood.com – $5,000 – Price was negotiated post-auction.

Fittingly.com and 215 other domains – $3,850 – Some of the other domains include 69th.com, Metzy.com, Scamsters.com, UltraStreaming.com and GamerKing.com.

UnitedStatesNavy.com – $3,500

Dopy.com – $2,500 – Appears to have been picked up off the drops in April this year.

Gum.org – $1,951

Drag.info and 69 other .info domain – $1,161 – Some of the other domains include 1977.info, 1988.info, Broilers.info, and Inputs.info.

SearchDeal.com – $800

Wodonga.com – $625

jQuery.tv – $400

poop shovelDistance.info – $400

iStock.info – $260

ShittySingles.com – $250

RealtorTube.com – $250

Weedzy.com – $225

With.biz – $201

PoopShovel.com – $201

5r.io – $200

Some websites that sold

  • Intagme.com – $120,000 – Monthly net profit of $2,800 stated, on monthly uniques of 1.8 million. “Instagram Widget allows you to show your Instagram Photos on your Website. It’s easy and Free!”
  • BestPSDFreebies.com – $30,000 – Monthly net profit of $2,111 stated, on monthly uniques of 46,000. “BestPSDFreebies is a web design blog that offers free high quality web design resources to it’s large community of engaged creatives, as well as promotes premium products.”
  • ExactEntriesIndicator.com – $28,000 – Monthly net profit of $7,900 stated, on monthly uniques of 3,600. FOREX sites. “Revenue is generated from Clickbank (and others) and from selling advertising in the same niche. Two websites are included.. these sites are used to build the optin list that we generate revenue from.”

Some domains with bids that didn’t sell

Scene.com – $50,000

LTV.com – $18,100 – Seller is delusional and has an asking price of $100,000. That’s fine for end users, but not for domainers/resellers…..especially not when you just picked it up a year ago for $15k.

Suck.net – $10,000

Coffeehouse.com – $7,500

Ta.gs – $5,000

Cleveland.info – $2,000 – Seller has an expectation of $25,000.

HomeInvestment.com – $2,000

CustomHotRods.com – $1,000

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    1. Post author

      Thanks Doron for pointing that out. A profitable flip in a short timeframe.

      After receiving your comment, I looked at NameBio, and it’s interesting to see that the domain also sold back in 2010 at Sedo……for $15,000!

    1. Post author

      I agree with you Josh. Here was the seller’s comment/rationale when they threw out the $25k:

      “Hello Guys, thanks to all 8 bidders and 32 watchers of my domain cleveland.info. Unfortunately the domain did not met the reserve price, so I am sending you all my offer for this premium domain with tons of potential end users in such a big city as Cleveland is. Many of you may consider my offer as too high, but honestly my idea of end user’s price is between $35k and $60k. Please feel free to shoot me your best offer. Thanks again.”

  1. fizz

    If the LTV.com owner isn’t in a hurry to sell IMO he/she should keep to the hefty asking price and in a few years it will probably sell for that amount.

    1. Post author

      Fizz – it will be interesting to see how patient they’re willing to be. I agree that they can get their asking price from an end user, but no one knows if that end user is coming along in 6 months, 6 years or 16 years.

  2. John

    Cleveland 6 months from now after the Cavaliers and the Browns are back on national tv a lot more will start attracting more businesses to the state. Winning ….
    I’d wait till then and try it again

  3. John

    How does one get emails on these threads for follow-up comments?
    Hasn’t been working …

  4. Post author

    John, I hope you’re not counting on Manziel to be fueling all those wins. 🙂

    We’ll get the email issue looked into. Please keep us posted if you continue to have problems.

  5. Post author

    Thanks for pointing out the Fittingly.com sale, Michael — I wasn’t aware of that one.

    Personally, I’m trying to focus on quality over quantity, so that’s not my type of portfolio, but everyone has a different strategy and plan of attack…….

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