Flippa – A Look Forward: Tech.io, 877.xyz Hit Reserve. MXXX.com, Icebergs.com, Practitioner.com, More

Feb 15 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

SecureFinancing.com – The seller provides some comps which prove the ‘financing’ keyword sells well.

90 Domain Portfolio – Examples include LoansCars.com, iPowerhouse.com, and Structurals.com.

Diet.io – The first of a couple .io domains with great keywords.

Tech.io – Impressive upper $x,xxx price. Tech is the industry that has embraced the .io extension.

877.xyz – Congrats to .xyz for helping create an aftermarket for their domains. ***UPDATE: Auction has been temporarily suspended.***

PAN.xyz – I’m blown away by the price. Same ‘congrats’ comment as above.

A bunch of LLLL.com, in order of my opinion of their value:

  1. ELIC.com
  2. LATR.com
  3. CILB.com
  4. JBRO.com
  5. CICT.com
  6. WMUX.com
  7. ECXX.com
  8. EYWW.com
  9. HUSQ.com
  10. MGVM.com
  11. DVQY.com
  12. MJUH.com

Reserve Not Met

MXXX.com – I know these are worth alot, but I don’t follow the daily/weekly trends to know how much…..

Inheriting.com – The -ing always throws me off, but I can see a financial advisory firm building a site on this domain in the future.

Practitioner.com – As in medical practioner. More searches than I would have guessed — 33,600 per month, with a CPC near $8, per Estibot.

Icebergs.com – The “s” makes it tougher as a brand, but not impossible. The domain was previously developed by a company that was ultimately acquired by Pinterest.

870 Domain Portfolio – Bidding at $5k as I type this. Examples of names include AdCove.com, DKAU.com, and Mixate.com. I see lots of domains that should be dropped, but you may find a couple gems that pay for the entire portfolio, depending of course on the reserve the seller has.

AspenColorado.com – This sold for $4,375 in 2012. Current bidding is over twice that, but reserve is not met yet.

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