Flippa – A Look Forward: Torrie.com, Drunker.com, Checking.net, Grammar.org, SMS.io All Meet Reserve

Mar 08 2015

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Torrie.com – I love first or last name domains. This one has crossed into the 4-figures.

Grammar.org – Who doesn’t need help with grammar every now and then. Over 200,000 searches per month, per Estibot.

Checking.net – 15,000 searches per month at $10 CPC, per Estibot.

SignUp.org – Popular phrase / call to action, on a .org.

SMS.io – Tech .io domains have been selling really well on Flippa, with PHP.io selling recently for $6,000 and SEO.io for $11,000.

Drunker.com – Per the seller, “A perfect domain for the college humor niche!” In a similar vein, Keggers.com is available over at NameJet.


Reserve Not Met

Novelties.com – Lots of costume, souvenir, gag gifts and other shops with novelties in the name.

LOV.com – Sold for $160k previously at NameJet, and current bidding is near half that.

HashOils.com – Increasing in popularity

Outlawed.com – What hash oil used to be in Colorado.

Engineers.com.au – If you’re into .com.au

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