Flippa – A Look Forward: WRR.com, Telemarketers.com, Novelties.com, 92F.com, More

Nov 07 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Christm.as – If you’re interested in hacks. .AS for American Samoa (of course!), which is a swim away (long swim) from Tuvalu, the source of the .TV extension.

PresidentHillaryClinton.com – I don’t buy these types of domains, but many do.

A couple LLLL.com:

Reserve Not Met

WRR.com – Warren Royal of Bobbleheads.com fame is selling his initials….but only for the right price.

Novelties.com – Another nice name owned by Mr. Royal.

Telemarketers.com – Over $8 CPC on this term, per Estibot.

BoxingGames.com – There are hundreds of these online.

TheCannibas.com – It’s no secret that pot names have been selling well.

92F.com – Pricing on NNL and LNN domains seem to be back to their end of 2015 / early 2016 highs.

Lastly, a handful of names that have been up for auction before, listed in order of their current bids. I still like many of them, but I hope their reserves are coming down.

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