Flippa – A Look Forward: WUB.com, MXXX.com, Cars.net, PC.Guru, More

Mar 28 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

iCancun.com – I can see a travel guide here some day.

Travel.Agency – Speaking of tavel, if you’re a believer in the new G’s, this is a nice name.

PC.Guru – Another new G that nicely spans the dot.

e.Financial – And a single character new G, for good measure.

A couple LLLL.com domains, in my opinion of their order of value:

Reserve Not Met

WIE.org – A last name or acronym.

MXXX.com – I don’t know what the going rate is for these right now. $7,000 BIN. Sold a year ago for $3,100 at GoDaddy.

WUB.com – A solid, pronounceable LLL.com.

MegaDeals.com – My favorite kind of deals.

Here are the three big boy names from WebCorp which I listed last week. They end soon, and BIN prices have been added since last week.

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