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AUCTION RECAP, 27th and 28th of March 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 27th and 28th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Finished up 48 Hours of Class in 3 and 1/2 days, while working every other day covering a Co-worker with an injury. A torn calf muscle believe it or not. They just don’t make the calf muscle like they used to, one wrong step and they blow apart.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,759.33  Several places share this name.  17 years old

576 USD Denver?   Cuba is about to be the hot new vacation spot.  And everyone wants to get there “While it still has the old Cuban charm”  whatever that means

960 USD It’s old Vw bugs, and 1960’s tech. I thought you could rent a cuban with this name.  Craft beers, craft Weed.  Under $60 at press time

500 USD  Or landscaping weeds into shapes.  15 years old.  Strong name because of the C

171 USD AM or college radio probably  No bids at $12.  I loved the name.  My daughter says there is no such thing.  I told her thats why I like it

245 USD It’s the Queen bee…

335 USD     No hotter names that right now.

1,500 USD  Liked CC   No bidders.  So many people drink this.  If they would just a daily supply of DoIt Juice and QuitMakingExcuses Juice

? It’s actually a Steroid and HGH site. Scared people away.   The 88 is going to get this past the $2K mark.   Makes it a real asset, even if there is a decline

1,840 USD ? and Two fantastic name.  Double 8s and no fours or zeros

886 USD, 306 USD, 331 USD, 312 USD, 356 USD, 326 USD, 763 USD Look at you, you beautiful lucky 00’s, outshining everyone else, 315 USD, 312 USD  312 USD

One of the better days of 6N.coms.  I would love to have any of these in my portfolio.  Even a vowel .cc has a lot of value

340 USD  Low Quality Doctor.  Guessing this CHiP won’t be used for that

1428 USD, yikes. Triple bastard chip lowers the price. .  Ugly $1800 name

2050 USD  have come down a bit but a reduction in renewal would send the prices way up.

?  One more 6N CHiP but not getting the bids of the above

203 USD, 154 USD 148 USD 153 USD, 130 USD   132 USD

We’ll see if the market can swallow all these nice 6N.coms.  These are very nice despite the zeros.  Double letters throughout, 168 USD, 170 USD, 171 USD,  152 USD    176 USD

Your daily taste of the 4L.nets up for sale.  There has been quite an active market over the past 2 months. Good or bad price its been a liquid market and that’s always good., 103 USD,  113 USD

Repeaters with a “bad” letter.  I’m conflicted.  Will still all probably hit $100   It’s called the kids section.

105 USD I shop here.  226 monthly visitors.  Nice site for prom dress, wedding dress site

102 USD Last Gown sounds morbid.  Worse 20th anniversary gift EVER

? Yeah, i’m not sure what this is. Biker Jewelry?   One of the most popular names in the world.

2 days  City in France.  Getting a few bids but not as much as I though

Unsold  Another city in France.  18 years old.  Only a few bids

10 days left  19 years old .   I think the Ag as in agriculture adds value. 19 years old

766 USD  16 years old.   This is certainly memorable and therefore makes a great brand.  A few other bidders agree

710 USD   All school kids have to

400 USD 3 time sold in 4 years on the same date, for about the same price. Making Godaddy lots of money.  I used to get names like this for $20.  Not anymore

806 USD, I like this kind of name, it’s memorable because people say it every day.   Surprised there are no bidders at $12.  The com is king

1,730 USD Another name that expires and gets auctioned every few years. I just don’t know what you do with it. Almost two grand, geez.  San Francisco Orange Juice

371 USD San Francisco Orenthal James  If the Chinese are going to buy a, this is the kind they drool over

515 USD Price seems off by a few hundred.  140 USD   281 USD

The triple 8 is keeping up with the CHiP.  Shows you the value of the 8  One of the best NNNN.infos out there

550 USD 165 USD   166 USD

Only two LLLL.nets today.  It is Sunday.  Never many NNNN.nets on Sundays.  And I made that up

Ahh the 4L nets continue to bounce around.  Keyword dot cc don’t have any value but this one has a few bids

? I have, I think it has a nice ring to it.  More people will be installing their own solar power.  Show them how

621 USD I thought this was a site on making your own sun.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   The most traveled to city in the US .  All because of Mickey Mouse

600 USD




  Recap Quick Overview

southglenn.com576 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
cubanrentals.com960 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
weedcraft.com500 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
wmjc.net171 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
hummingbee.com245 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
xsfa.com335 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
lkd.cc1,500 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
925588.com1,840 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
881186.com886 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
535253.com306 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
885510.com331 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
889920.com312 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
885590.com356 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
883350.com326 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
880059.com763 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
889905.com315 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
990020.com312 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
662260.com312 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
ugd.cc340 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
lqdr.com1428 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
hkyz.com2050 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
786313.com203 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
660030.com154 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
990050.com148 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
883090.com153 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
188650.com130 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
550013.com132 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
mgbp.net168 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
nmbm.net170 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
wmjc.net171 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
lhgm.net152 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
wbwl.net176 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
7770.biz103 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
9994.biz113 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
clothesforshortmen.com105 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
lastgown.com102 USD03/26/16GoDaddy
tsag.com766 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
c2c2.com710 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
dohomework.com400 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
mostlikely.com806 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
thecom.com1,730 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
sfoj.com371 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
hzh.co515 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
708884.com140 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
535658.com281 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
8883.info550 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
tmbf.net165 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
mbxn.net166 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
diysolarpower.com621 USD03/27/16GoDaddy
OrlandoFlorida.org600 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,800.00 3/26/2016 NameJet $1,428.00 3/26/2016 GoDaddy $2,050.00 3/26/2016 GoDaddy
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